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UNC and the Myth of the “Student” Athlete

Watch any NCAA sports programming and you are bombarded with tributes to the noble, valiant STUDENT ATHLETE, the scholar who sacrifices his or her study time and physical and emotion well-being by giving up any and all free time to … Continue reading

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Pac-12 Network Still Screwing Fans, Students and the Community

With college football now in full swing and with basketball coming soon, an amazingly little-discussed travesty continues to mar the otherwise great play of Pacific-12 schools – the inability of fans across the conference to watch their school’s teams play. … Continue reading

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LA Rams’ Trade: A Disaster for Years to Come

Slap-happy Los Angeles football fans have been jubilant since the LA Rams pulled off their blockbuster trade last week, securing the NFL Draft’s number one pick in order to be in a position to draft a franchise quarterback that will … Continue reading

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NCAA Rewards Mediocrity

This coming College Football Bowl season will see fans rewarded with the Foster Farms Bowl, the Quick Lane Bowl and the Cure Bowl. Participants in those bowls include the University of Nebraska, the University of Minnesota and San Jose State … Continue reading

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New Era Set to Start for UCLA Bruins’ Sports Broadcasts

Three decades ago, I used to listen to Ken Minyard and Bob Arthur on KABC radio’s Ken and Bob Company weekday morning show. The show, basically news, features, and comedy, included a few sports news breaks and commentary, reported by … Continue reading

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Jackie Robinson Day and More UCLA Bruins in Baseball

Jackie Robinson changed baseball and changed America 68 years ago today, on April 15, 1947 when by playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers, he became the first African-American to play major league baseball. As has been done in each of the … Continue reading

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Catching Up on the Lakers

Boy, go out of town for a week, and you can miss a lot. Let’s see, have the Lakers’ been in the news? OK, the vacationing millionaire will now have the next ten months off, with his torn rotator cuff. … Continue reading

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Basketball Note of the Day

Never, ever seen anything like this: With 7-1/2 minutes gone in the first half, Kentucky is leading UCLA 24-0. UCLA missed their first 14 shots. UPDATE – Halftime score: Kentucky – 41 UCLA – 7 Previous low point total for … Continue reading

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Don’t Over Think Lakers’ Recent Improvement

Yes, with tonight’s 100-94 victory over the undermanned Minnesota Timberwolves, the Lakers have won three in a row, raising their record to 8-16, and a season-high .333 winning percentage. But, don’t read to much into all that, and also not … Continue reading

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