When to Defend and When Not to Defend the NFL

On general principles, it’s awfully hard to defend the NFL on most issues. The “Take-A-Knee” controversy is very easy to defend: NFL players have a first amendment right to free speech and kneeling or taking other postures during the playing of the national anthem is an exercise of that free speech, as defined by the United States Supreme Court, through its most conservative justice, EVER. Furthermore, it is UTTER GARBAGE to say or think that by taking these actions that players are aiming their protest or in ANY DAMN WAY evoking disrespect to the anthem or to the flag of the United States*. As a popular meme on social media has noted, Rosa Parks was not protesting public transportation!.

The current controversy regarding this has been fueled on a daily basis in order to keep it alive and expand on it by the current occupier of the Oval Office in order to divert

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attention from his total incompetence and continued unimaginable failures on so many current issues. This is misdirection, and little more – fodder for his base and for people caught up in an issue that they do not understand and about which they believe the deceit and misinformation thrust upon them

But, at the same time, other things continue throughout the NFL that makes one wonder how long can it survive in its present lofty place in society. The bottom line is that to play big-time football is to risk your life on every snap of the ball. Anyone who watched Thursday Night Football’s game between Green Bay and Chicago saw that first hand last night:

The manner in which the game of professional football (and to a large extent also major college football as well) is played today, is life threatening, and there is vast evidence to support it. Compounding this problem is the NFL’s refusal to take any meaningful action to curtail the dangerous nature of the game. How to do that, you ask? Well last night’s game provided a perfect instance where necessary action can and should be taken: The perpetrator of the vicious, illegal hit on Davonte Adams, Danny Trevathan, should be 1) Banned from the NFL for life, and 2) Criminally prosecuted for the crime of assault with the intent to inflict great body injury.

I’ve written a lot over the years about other outrageous actions and failures of the NFL, including their attempts to buy off former players for a pittance when they know that hundreds, maybe thousands, of such former players have debilitating permanent injuries causing reduced earning capacity and the need for extensive and expensive medical care, the cost of which far exceeds the insulting settlement offers made by the league. The NFL has also successfully lobbied various states, including California, to change long-standing workers’ compensation laws to PROHIBIT in many instances players from being able to bring disability and medical care claims against the league and their teams, and of course there is the FACT that for decades, the NFL, profitable enough to pay its commissioner $50 Million per year in salary and bonuses, has been registered with the IRS as a NON-PROFIT business. Oh, and remember when the league, and the now Los Angeles Rams,

welcomed back into the league as defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, after he served his impotent one-year suspension for offering bribes to his players for making vicious hits on opposing players, done with the intent of injuring them to the extent that they would have to leave the game?

It is pretty hard to defend the NFL under most circumstances, but as far as the current controversy is concerned, the actions of so many players and the support that most owners are providing is very easy to support. I just wish that the league, the owners and the commissioner could act as fairly and compassionately regarding the issue of keeping their players alive.

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*Though there are other totally separate reasons for aiming protests at our current national anthem, a mediocre song that should NEVER have become a symbol of this great nation, as I wrote here more than two years ago: “An Anthem of War at US Sporting Events”

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