Same Old Pete Carroll

The most disgusting, immoral, crooked, vile and deceitful person in sports, Seattle Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll, known to us who endured his years running a criminal enterprise in Los Angeles as “Uncle Petey”, has struck again, and again the powers that be, this time the NFL, let him off with a slap on his reddened though unbroken wrist.

Uncle Petey, following the team’s elimination from this year’s postseason, announced one has to assume unwittingly in trying to defend the below avenge performance of star

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cornerback Richard Sherman, that Sherman had played the second half of the season with what he described as a “significant” MCL injury to a knee.

In direct violation of NFL rules, this was never disclosed in injury reports regularly released throughout the season. In fact, injury reports blatantly lied about Sherman’s status, stating on numerous occasions that missed practices were “not injury-related“. On one occasion, the team’s report stated that Sherman missed practice due to an ankle injury.

Carroll, in trying to explain his way out of things, continued to blatantly lie and misinform the press and fans, at various times saying that he ‘was not aware” that the term’s injury report did not mention the knee injury, and at other times stating that no practices were in fact missed due to the knee injury, despite his characterization of it as “significant”.

The NFL described it as a “clear violation” of league rules as to their injury-reporting requirements, and as just the latest in a long series of repeat violations on the part of the Seahawks, and Carroll, of league rules. It has been reported that the team and Carroll have been punished at “accelerated levels” in the recent past for illegal off-season workouts and other violations, and that penalties have included the loss of a fifth-round draft pick, being docked the right to engage in “Organized Team Activities” (OTA) for a period of time, the team being fined $400,000 and Carroll personally being fined $200,000.

Details of all of these statements, violations and penalties have recently been reported by

the Seattle Times and by Chris Mortensen in the Mort & Schefter’s Notebook on They have reported that Seattle will likely now lose a second round draft choice for what would be their third major violation of the season.

The Seahawks under Carroll have been penalized on several other occasions since 2012 for violations concerning off-season workouts, and in 2015 the team forfeited two of three mini-camp practices due to other rule violations.

NFL injury report policy includes all of the following:

“The (daily) Practice Report is expected to provide clubs and the public an accurate description of a player’s injury status and his level of participation during the practice week. All players who have significant or noteworthy injuries must be listed on the Practice Report, even if the player takes all the reps in practice, and even if the team is certain that he will play in the upcoming game. This is especially true of key players and those players whose injuries have been covered extensively by the media.”

But what does Uncle Petey care? He’s made a career out of illegal activities, whether its NCAA or NFL rules he flaunts on the way to the bank.

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