No Joke, The Hapless LA Rams Could Win a Game Today

Only because they play the San Francisco 49ers, a team that has not won since they outplayed and outclassed the LA Rams in week one of the season, smashing to bits Jeff Fisher’s pack of talentless underachievers, 28-0.

But Fisher is gone and the Rams have now had a few days to learn NFL football from interim head coach John Fassel (as if THAT mattered). NO, the 49ers have fallen on the worst of times, possessing both the worst of run defenses and pass offenses seen in ages

around pro football, and any kind of effort today could well result in the first W for the overrated future journeyman QB of the new-look Rams, Mr. Goff.

Let me digress a moment. Who among us saw the fabulously talented Carson Wentz play so brilliantly Thursday night against the Giants, puling off one of the biggest upsets of the season? Seeing Wentz pass and seeing Wentz run is not even as impressive as seeing him make split-second decisions, making the right choice and then using his talent and abilities to make the play. These are things totally missing in Mr. Goff, both as to football acumen and talent. Without even mentioning Dak Prescott, who was so overlooked by most NFL talent evaluators, it boggles the mind as to how the Rams’ “brain” trust was so utterly and completely stupid and incompetent to, as I have repeatedly written, first make that ridiculous trade mortgaging the team’s future for a pipe dream, and then in making the absolutely, positively wrong choice in picking Mr. Goff with the first pick.

Getting back to today, the 49ers inability to stop the run, they are last in the league allowing 176.3 yards per game, could actually make Todd Gurley look like a professional running back. Last year’s rookie sensation who became a non-entity this season, averaging a putrid 3.2 yards per carry and 55.6 yards per game, might have his best day of the season, maybe even exceeding his season high of 85 yards, run off against the then bad Tampa Bay defense oh so many weeks ago. Unfortunately for Mr. Goff, San Francisco’s pass defense is not quite so bad, only 18th worst among the NFL’s 32 teams, so he likely will still be struggling even despite a possibly more effective running game.

The 49ers strength has been their running game, with Carlos Hyde closing in on a on thousand yard season despite having missed two games. Hyde had a monster 193-yard game just two weeks ago, and that 193 yard total is 62 more yards gained on the ground

than any Ram other than Gurley has for the SEASON. In fact, Hyde is only 151 yards short of the Rams’ team season total. And Hyde, as good as he has been, is only the ELEVENTH leading rusher in the NFL. For the record, five running backs have accumulated more rushing yards than the Rams’ entire team so far this season.

In the end it will be a battle of the league’s worst overall offense (the Rams) battling against the league’s worst overall defense (the 49ers) in what promises to be a thoroughly awful game to watch. But diehard Rams’ fans, those of you who rah-rah for the team no matter who is making top level decisions and no matter what mediocre players are running up and down the Coliseum turf, enjoy if not an actual victory, at least the first game in many weeks where the team should not get thoroughly outplayed and embarrassed.

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