“Insanity” in Los Angeles as Jeff Fisher Gets Extension

What a week for LA Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher. Following the Rams’ embarrassingly horrid wipe-out by the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, 49-21, Fisher took to the airwaves to continue his pattern of lying to the LA and national media and to fans everywhere. As I previously wrote about, two weeks earlier he stated explicitly on Monday that Case Keenum would continue as the team’s starting quarterback, only to announce a few hours later the next morning that Keenum had lost his job to first round draft disaster Jared Goff. This time, he began an ugly and continuing feud with Rams legend and perhaps the

franchise’s greatest player ever, Eric Dickerson, by lying to the public by saying that he never told Dickerson that he was not welcome on the sidelines at Rams’ games.

Dickerson was outraged at this blatant lie, and in the face of overwhelming evidence, Fisher finally in effect “fessed up” and basically admitted that Dickerson’s criticisms of the team as a spots commentator had made him personal non grata to players and coaches, hence the ban. Dickerson went on to then say that so long as Fisher was the team’s head coach, he would never attend another Ram’s game.

Also this past week, Fisher further embarrassed himself in a national interview when he demonstrated that he had no idea of who played running back for the New England Patriots, the Rams’ next opponent and whom they are playing as I write this post.

I’ve previous written about Fisher’s abysmal record as a head coach in the NFL – that his record over that past six seasons is 42-51, that a Fisher team last won a game in the post

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season 13 years ago, that in 22 years aa an NFL head coach his teams have had winning seasons only six times, that the only success he has ever had as a head coach was with a very talented Tennessee team a lifetime ago, and the he is the only head coach in the annals of the NFL that has ever kept a new job without a single winning season as long as he has, this year stretching to a fifth season.

And yet, today it was revealed that the STUPID IDIOTS who run the LA Rams have re-signed Fisher (and equally incompetent general manager Les Snead) for two more seasons. Absolutely ridiculous!. And insane. And, those are not just my words, but also those of respected NFL analyst (and TV personality) Michael Strahan, who this morning on the Fox Sports NFL pregame show quoted the famous words of Albert Einstein, that to repeat something that has in the past failed, is insanity, and that resigning Fisher was, in fact, “Insanity”!

This has occurred at a time when the Rams are playing their absolutel WORST football of the season. In last week’s loss to New Orleans, they were outscored 21-0 in the second half, and in today’s first half at New England, they have been outscored 17-0, so for their last

four quarters, the equivalent of one full game, the Rams are scoreless, and the celebrated defense, led by Fisher buddy, unindicted felon and the architect of “Bountygate”, gregg williams, has allowed 38 points.

Also, Goff’s performance in today’s first half was the worst two quarters of his limited career, hitting on a miserable four of eleven passes for 27 yards and one interception, for a microscopic QB rating of 7.0. The Rams net yard total in the first half, 25, was the lowest number a Bill Belichick team had ever allowed in the first half of any game. After today, the Rams will have lost seven of their last eight games, and they will absolutely lose at least their next two as well, against Atlanta and Seattle.

This is worthy of a two year contract extension? In what alternate reality?

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