Duplicitous, Incompetent Fisher Picks Goff to Save His Job

There is no question but that Jeff Fisher wants to see Jared Goff fail today.

Three interesting things occurred this past week in LA Rams’ football:

  • Monday afternoon – Fisher tells the media that Case Keenum is the LA Rams’ quarterback and that the team’s continued miserable offensive performance is not the fault of the quarterback;
  • Tuesday morning – Fisher announces that Keenum is out and Jared Goff will start the Ram’s next game, Sunday afternoon against the Miami Dolphins at the Coliseum;
  • Thursday morning – every political bigwig in the Los Angeles area gathered in Inglewood on the site of the late, lamented, iconic Hollywood Park to see the billionaire Ram’s ownership break ground for construction of the largest, most expensive sport’s stadium ever to be built, which the Rams, with or without Fisher, will call home beginning, they hope, in 2019.

Fisher, who as I’ve repeatedly written, should never have kept his head coaching job past

his last year in St. Louis before the Rams’ moved west, who has gone longer than any head coach in NFL history to begin a tenure with a new team and never have a winning season but keep his job, had a calculated plan when faced with the super-dud Goff – keep him on the bench, telling the world Goff is not ready to play, and getting by with another losing season with Keenam. That was working perfectly until the Rams’ powers that be came to the conclusion that public relations ruled over success on the field, and with their new showcase stadium back at the forefront of public awareness, so should their new showcase quarterback, for whom they mortgaged the team’s future to acquire.

So, little needs to be assumed to understand that between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, Fisher was told in no uncertain terms that the next game would feature Goff as the starting quarterback.

Fisher has banked his future on keeping Goff off the field, and has throughout the season made frequent pronouncements that Goff is “not ready” to play in the NFL. So now the floundering Rams will be led on the field by Goff, and with that Fisher’s reputation and decision-making will be on the line: If Goff plays less than horribly, Fisher will be proven very, very wrong in the single biggest decision of his Ram’s coaching career, and my well

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not see the 2017 season as the team’s coach. But if Goff is bad, then Fisher is vindicated in his decision-making, and his job for yet another losing season may be secured.

And do not for a minute think that there is a third possibility, that Goff will be great and lead the Rams to the post season. No, Fisher needs Goff to fail to keep his job, and while, again as I have written over and over again, Goff at best will be a journeyman and NEVER a championship-winning franchise quarterback, unfortunately revealing that to the football world later today will in effect help the incompetent Fisher keep his job for yet another losing season.

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