Finally, Lakers Are On the Right Track, Mostly

Two years ago today, the worst LA Lakers’ team in history (prior to 2015-2016) tipped off the 2014-2015 season with the first of five straight loses to start the season on the way to a 21-61 record. That first loss was by 18 points against the Houston Rockets’, against whom the 2016-2017 Lakers began this season two nights ago, and the stark contrast could not be more overwhelming.

The Lakers of two years ago were led by:

  • A totally incompetent politically-appointed head coach in Bryon Scott, whose inability to instruct, strategize or motivate was as much the cause of that 21-61 record as the talentless team roster;
  • A 36-year-old Kobe Bryant coming off a 2013-2014 season totally lost to injury, and beginning a 2014-2015 season in which he would perform horribly through all of 35 game appearances;
  • A roster of minor-league caliber, over-the-hill, and never-would-be players, featuring the worst guard to play regularly in the NBA in several generations in Ronnie Price, one-dimensional ego-driven non-team players like nick young and Carlos Boozer, and a slew of journeymen, hopefuls and hangers-on who when not injured played like they were.

This season, the Lakers, under new, talented and popular head coach Luke Walton, featuring a revitalized roster and absent the burden of an over-the-hill Bryant doing little more than taking up court space and firing up one missed shot after another, began play against an also improved Rockets’ team with an impressive, exciting and well-coached come-from-behind win, 120-114. Last season’s overall worst LA Laker’s team ever at 17-65, scored as many as 120 points exactly ONE time, in an overtime loss on Dec. 9 to Minnesota.

Led by future stars D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle, 2016 overall second pick Brandon Ingram, a new and improved supporting case of veterans featuring Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng, and youngster such as Larry Nance Jr. and a talented veteran holdover in Lou Williams, Walton’s Lakers exhibited overall cohesiveness, talent, motivation, and even a bit, here and there, of defense, not seen under Scott or really seen at all since the departure of Phil Jackson.

For the first time in years, I can say the the future of the LA Lakers looks bright – though a couple of bad roster moves do need to be rectified.

How in the world the useless piece of garbage nick young fooled Walton into thinking he could be a useful piece in the new-look team is mystifying. His horrid play in game one shows the real egotistical one-dimensional waste of human matter that is young (three-of-12 shooting and five personal fouls in 27 minutes) and the sooner Walton benches the trojan scum and starts the team’s real new leader and on-court motivator, Jordan Clarkson, the better the team will be. Beyond that, young has to, eventually, be released or traded, if in fact any other professional team would want to employ that pile of disgusting excrement.

In addition, the roster spot given ron psycho meta tag artest is also a major error, and time will prove that to be the case.

Additional talented vets such as Jose Calderon and youngster Thomas Robinson instead need playing time and they will become valuable member of a new look, up-and-coming Lakers’ team that should make fans forget the abyss of the past two seasons.

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