Donald Escapes Suspension as Evil NFL Has No Concept of Justice

I’ve written often about the evil NFL, from their spending millions of dollars to lobby state legislatures to change state Workers’ Compensation laws to prohibit injured and disabled players from recovering state disability and medical benefits to their absurd offers of minimal benefit packages to former players suffering post-conclusive and other debilitating permanent injuries to their status as a tax-exempt non-profit organization.

This week shows a new chapter in the league’s total lack of understanding of any concept whatsoever of justice and morality.

During a week where a $6,000 fine was imposed on Houston Texans’ wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins for wearing the wrong shoes during a game, the league also fined Denver Broncos’ safety Darian Stewart and linebacker Brandon Marshall the disgustingly low sums of $18,231 and $24,309 for intentional and blood-curdling blows to the head of Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton. No ejections, no suspensions, but only minimal fines to players who intentionally violated the league’s rules against striking another player helmut first or at all to the head. In fact, Marshall, who struck Newton helmut-first, was not ever flagged on the play. On Stewart’s play, where he did a helmut-to-helmut number on Newton, Newton was also called for intentional grounding, so there were offsetting penalties and the Broncos were not even penalized on the field for the dirty, dirty play.

That brings us to LA Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, whose late-game tantrum against the 49ers, after a play was long over, included him grabbing the neck of San Francisco wide receiver Quinton Patton, then grabbing his face mask, and then hitting him across the forehead, knocking his helmut several feet in the air. Then as he walked off the field, Arnold threw his own helmut, and other equipment. As some point, he also made some sort of illegal

contact with a game official. So, what penalty did the NFL impose following this display of outrageous and dangerous behavior? A three game suspension (as I had called for – See the video)? A one game suspension? OF COURSE NOT – Arnold was fined the paltry sum of $21,269 with no suspension.

And to cap off the week in the NFL, on Wednesday the league announced its nominees for the next Hall of Fame class, and once again, despite voters never before giving him a single vote, serial rapist Darren Sharper was among the nominees. While the five-time Pro Bowl safety had a great career on the field, his off the field activities CLEARLY disqualify him from any any bit of consideration. For the record, Sharper is serving an 18-year prison term for drug trafficking and raping nine women across four different states.

But the NFL does not care – “character” is not among the criteria for Hall of Fame admission.

The NFL is evil on so many levels, articles like this will keep coming, with no end in sight.

Well, the Rams will be playing pretty soon in the return to the LA Coliseum, and among the players on the field will be Aaron Donald. For Shame.

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