LA Rams 2016: Carson Wentz vs the Clipboard Caddy

As the “New” LA Rams prepare for the season opener tonight against the San Francisco 49ers, they do so with a team that will be quarterbacked by an underachieving journeyman who in 16 game appearances over the last three seasons has thrown 15 touchdown passes and has been intercepted nine times and who has fumbled ten times, while compiling a QB rating of 79.8.

I’ve written over and over about the fallacy of trading a fortune in draft choices in order to obtain the number one spot in a draft devoid of any single player who could become a franchise player, a quarterback for the ages, a Johnny Unitas, a Roger Staubach, a John Elway.

But they did it and once done, they were then faced with a choice of two picks, two quarterbacks that the “experts” said were the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the cat’s pajamas. And the Rams’ brain trust, such as it is, deliberated for weeks and weeks between the two possible choices, finally reaching a conclusion, and deciding that the team’s future – their personal futures – should be placed in the hands of Cal’s Jared Goff.

And today, as journeyman Case Keenum prepares to lead the “New” LA Rams in their opener, the Clipboard Caddy is no doubt practicing how to hold on to that clipboard as he walks up and down the sideline, without dropping it, as he did so frequently with the football during the exhibition season.

As the same time, the “New” LA Rams brain trust needs to ponder deeply those that they rejected in reaching their conclusion that the Clipboard Caddy was their future. Ponder this, Les Snead, after opening day and the debut of the rejected Carson Wentz. In the article recapping the Eagles lopsided victory over Cleveland, this was what they saw and what they thought:

“… the No. 2 overall pick from North Dakota State looked like a potential franchise player. Wentz played mistake-free football…


“Wentz threw a 19-yard TD pass to Jordan Matthews on the opening drive and tossed a perfect 35-yard TD pass down the right side to Nelson Agholor for a 22-10 lead in the third quarter. ‘You can’t throw those any better,’ Matthews said.”

For the game, Went was 22 of 37 for 278 yards with two touchdowns, zero interceptions and nary a fumble lost.

The 2016 draft also saw some other teams pick, at much lower rounds, quarterbacks who have unquestionably impressed their terms significantly more that has the Clipboard Caddy with the Rams. In Dallas, the quarterbacking reins have handed at least temporarily to rookie Dak Prescott, taken in the draft’s fourth round, who played impressively in a tough loss to a far better New York Giant’s team. Prescott was 25 of 45 for 227 yards with

zero interceptions, and he ran a couple of times averaging six yards per carry. And, not a fumble was made.

Despite the great opening win that the Denver Broncos pulled off against the Carolina Panthers behind the quarterbacking of their new starter Trevor Siemian, they are extremely impressed with their number 26 pick in the first round of the draft, Paxton Lynch, who appears to be their number one guy of the future.

The Rams may well win tonight against the dismal 49ers, but that will be without any help from the Clipboard Caddy. After tonight, well things do not look so good, as I wrote a couple of days ago. With Carson Wentz or Dak Prescott or Paxton Lynch, things might not look quite so bleak.

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