On the Eve of the Season, Expect Little from the LA Rams

As the “new” LA Rams prepare for their season opener this coming Monday night, the disastrous trade giving away a fortune in draft choices for the right to draft as the number one pick an average stiff who plays quarterback, the folly of the trade and of the draft pick are magnified ten-fold by the facts that, first, the Eagles with the second pick choose another quarterback, Carson Wentz, who is talented and advanced enough to win the starting spot for their season opener, while the Rams’ Jared Goff will be the Clipboard Caddy as he stands around watching Case Keenum and Sean Mannion handle game action, and second, local pundits and “guys in the know” continue to say that incompetent head coach Jeff Fisher and overmatched GM Les Snead will both soon be awarded contract extensions.

What a travesty.

Oh, and another thing to consider – the Rams may well have the single least-talented receiving corp in the entire league. I have watched few pre-season games over the past 20+ teamless years, but never have I seen one team drop so many passes over a handful of games as these alleged professional players wearing numbers in the 10s and 80s. Last season’s leading receiver, wide out Tavon Austin, caught all of 52 passes for a beyond mediocre 9.1 yards per reception. The number two guy, supposedly the leading veteran supposed to lead the way for a group of young up-and-comers, Kenny Britt, failed to catch exactly 50% of the passes thrown his way last season. Brian Quick, maybe the number three guy, was far worse, catching less than one-third of throws to him, 10 of 32. Rookies Pharaoh Cooper and Mike Thomas showed little in the preseason, except an equal ability to drop passes at every key opportunity.

But, the Rams may well win their season opener, as they have the extreme fortune to open against a team that may actually be more screwed up than they are, the San Francisco 49ers and the embittered quarterback situation of their own. But after Monday, there is little light to be seen. After a possible victory Monday and a 1-0 record, with a schedule that then includes Seattle, on the road in Tampa Bay, at Arizona, Buffalo, Detroit, and the

Giants and Jets separated by the Panthers, I clearly can see this team at 1-8 after the first ten weeks and nine games.

Contract extensions for the nimwits Fisher and Snead? That’s almost as absurd as trading their first round pick that was at No. 15, their two second round picks, Nos. 43 and 45, their No. 76 third round pick AND their FIRST and third picks in the 2017 draft in exchange for the first overall pick plus the No, 113 pick in this year’s fourth round and No. 177 pick in this year’s sixth round in order to be in position to draft an average at best, and likely below average, quarterback that will never be the franchise QB they saw in their dreams. I think I mentioned this awhile back, a few times, such as here and here and here.

As I wrote in that last one,

“Incompetent journeyman trojan scum head coach Jeff Fisher has had no semblance of success in years, leading his teams over the past six seasons to a combined 41 win and 52 loss and one tie record. He last won a playoff game 13 years ago. He had some moderate success, but major disappointments, with very talented teams in Tennessee a lifetime ago, and has been horrid since. He should never have been hired by the Rams to begin with, and he should have been fired after the team’s 6-10 2014 season.”

Fisher and Snead need to go and as soon as possible if the “new” LA Rams will ever achieve any semblance of even the very limited success of the “old” LA Rams (one Super Bowl appearance, and a loss at that) in all their years. The last, and only, league championship team the LA Rams ever had, was in 1951, almost two decades before the first of now 50 Super Bowls.

And, with no real quarterback, a bad, bad receiving crew, and with incompetent blockheads like Fisher and Snead in charge, it’s not going to happen any time soon.

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