Jerry Jones Hits New Levels of Hypocrisy

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones, who has a long history of outrageous self promotion and public distortions of fact, perhaps second only to donald trump, has totally embarrassed himself once again with his just plain stupid criticism of Cowboys’ number one draft choice Ezekiel Elliott, on whom the team is counting to immediately produce big numbers at the running back position.

In today’s sport news, the story of Jones’ reaction to Elliott’s having been filmed in front of a Seattle marijuana dispensary, apparently a few hours before the team was to play the Seahawks in the preseason game that was to be his debut in the NFL, has made headlines

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across the country. There is no suggestion that Elliott made a purchase at Herban Legends, a legal medical dispensary in the state of Washington where recreational marijuana is also legal, but the fact that he was filmed there resulted in public statements from Jones, decrying the “optics” of the event, and saying it was “not good”.

Really, Jerry, really?

This is wrong on so many levels, it’s hard to start listing them.

First, lets talk about Elliott, who did nothing illegal or improper under any state or municipal law, or under any aspect of what laughingly passes off as “NFL Policy”. But, where was Jones when Elliott, fresh off the NFL draft, when it was announced that the District Attorney of Columbus, Ohio had begun an investigation of Elliott for domestic violence, an investigation that is still ongoing. The next words that Jones has to say about this will be his first on the subject.

Of course this fits in with Jones’ total disregard for the epidemic of domestic violence in the NFL, in sports generally, and in the country overall. Remember, it was Jones and his Cowboys who a year ago signed Greg Hardy, who apparently no other NFL team would touch, to an $11.3 Million dollar contract. In case it has been forgotten, in 2014 Hardy was arrested for assault and other felony charges, after he beat up his then girlfriend and threatened to kill her. He was convicted of several criminal charges, but due to very hard to understand technicalities, that conviction was overturned and a jury trial was scheduled. When the victim failed to appear in court, the case was ultimately dismissed. While Hardy escaped jail in the criminal prosecution, the extremely heinous nature of the event drew, for Commissioner Roger Goddell and the NFL, what was an amazingly stringent suspension of ten games, following their investigation that found “a significant act of violence in violation of the Personal Conduct Policy.”

So, ole Jerry doesn’t give a rat’s ass for players assaulting and injuring women, but let a player stand in front of a medical marijuana dispensary? Not on his watch.

For Jones, this does go a lot deeper, into some more of those other levels, especially as to Jones’ own veracity and morality, and trump-like deceitful business practices. For instance, back in February of 2011 when Jones and his Cowboys were about to host the Super Bowl in the brand new stadium he had built in Dallas, and the fact became apparent that the stadium was not yet ready for such an event and that, again not unlike trump over-booking events and then lambasting fire marshals for limiting the number of people

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who were allowed to enter, Jones had ticketed but seatless fans crammed into makeshift unsafe areas, with the fire department then stepping in to say would not be permitted.

But there is more to Jones and the Elliott and Hardy stories, and that is Jones’ own philandering, and alleged assault cases, which
are well know to the NFL and Cowboy fans, and presumably many others. In 2014 Jones, married for over 50 years, was sued by a stripper who alleged in great detail how Jones had sexually assaulted her in 2009 and then had attempted to use “hush money” to buy her silence “until the statute of limitation ran out”.

Tabloids and the internet are full of stories and pictures and videos of Jones in the “embrace” of various women not his wife, taken over a period of many years. Also in 2014 he apparently was the intended victim of a blackmail scheme involving a group of such photos that did appear on several websites, including, and referenced in more mainstream sites including Try searching “Jerry Jones Women” on and see all of those videos.

The only positive thing I can say is that at least Jones is Not running for President. Yet.

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