Rams’ Hard Knocks Number 1 – What a Waste of Time

Following yesterday’s article, “Debut Week for the LA Rams – Expect Very Little”, I felt compelled to watch the initial episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” featuring the “New-Old” LA Rams, and there was a wasted hour of time I’ll never get back. It seems the highlight of the show was incompetent trojan scum head coach Jeff Fisher doing a Captain Bligh impression (or is it more correctly Captain Queeg?), showing everyone who’s boss by cutting a less than fringe player, wide receiver Deon Long, for a stupid rule’s violation, no visitors in their dorm rooms. The unstated question there is, of course, what would have been the punishment if the infraction had been committed by a star, or perhaps by their number one draft pick, quarterback Jarod Goff, who, by the way, came off during the show as a doofus of the first degree, showing a lack of intelligence and and a real lack of

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common sense, not to mention demonstrating over and over the unescapable fact that in no way, shape or form is he ready to be the starting quarterback on an NFL team.

Throwing Long to the wolves was an easy move for Fisher. Long was a journeyman college player, having actually attended four different universities (wonder if any or all of them had “no visitor” rules). Long has already had a similar NFL history:
Undrafted, the Rams signed him in May of 2015, but he was released before the start of the season. He then signed with Miami, but was released a week later. The Rams brought him back in December, but he never saw any action. The professional scapegoat, or so it appears, signed with the Eagles following his latest departure from the Rams.

Next on the list of semi-interesting information revealed by the show – there was no actual “interesting” information displayed in the entire hour – was Fisher’s statement to the team that they are a solid, talented team that he expects to compile a winning record this season, in fact, a record better than 10-6. This raises two questions, one is whether or not Fisher is just out and out lying to his inferior team, trying to build up a self-worth that that does not exist on this collection of primarily average to below-average players, and the other, alternative question, whether or not Fisher is actually delusional? But the bottom line here is whether or not Fisher is putting himself on the line.

As I wrote yesterday, Fisher is a total incompetent who has not coached his team to a winning record in years, and who should have been fired after his 6-10 record of 2014. Starting his fifth season with the Rams, he has never led the team to a winning season, and has compiled a 27-36-1 record over that time. One would have to go back more than 45 years to find another NFL head coach who kept his job for a fifth season after starting with

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four losing seasons.

To think that he is able to lead this collection of below-average talent, further lacking an experienced quarterback, to a successful season, is absurd. Looking back a few days, Fisher sealed his fate in this regard when he released the one experience qb on the roster, the one who actually had experience leading a winning team, Nick Foles. Least one forget, despite recent troubles and not
being given the opportunity to work them out, Foles is still the same guy who not that long ago, 2013 to be exact, who once compiled a “Perfect” quarterback rating of 158.3 while passing for over 400 yards in a game, while throwing seven TD passes. Folks finished the season, despite spitting time as the starter, with 27 touchdowns, against only 2 interceptions, and a Pro Bowl berth. But he is not good enough to compete against Goff or Case Keenum.

As to Goff, as the show related, he committed an incredible error in judgment and of common sense, when he magnanimously ordered 60 air conditioners to be be delivered to the team’s air-conditioner-less training complex, treating his offense to cool air and livable conditions despite the SoCal summer heat. But what about the rest of the team? He was just to self-absorbed and uncaring to consider the defensive players and coaches, or, heaven forbid, the special teams. Offense or nothing, that’s his motto. And, watching him screw up on the field, unable to hold onto snaps form the center and unable to call a play in the huddle, even considering his neophyte status, was just plain scary, considering how the franchise has mortgaged its future to acquire the draft rights to this guy.

How many more weeks of this torture will HBO be broadcasting?

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