Debut Week for the LA Rams – Expect Very Little

After the NFL abandoned Los Angeles following the 1994 season, with both the Anaheim Rams and the Los Angeles Raiders leaving Southern California for other, not necessarily greener, pastures, this area slowly became a football wasteland, with interest, at least among some of us, diminishing more and more, year by year, especially in light of the nefarious and simply disgusting activities of America’s “Favorite” League. As I’ve written about often, the NFL has spent millions and millions of dollars in recent years to deny ex-players their entitlement to ongoing medical care and disability benefits for the debilitating and life-shortening injuries that they suffered by virtue of their playing the NFL’s game, including, but not limited to successfully lobbying the California legislature to change the state’s Workers’ Compensation laws to deny disabled players access to the benefits of Workers’ Compensation laws that are rightfully provided virtually every other person who works at any time in the state and despite every NFL player who ever played

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even a single league game in the state having thus paid state income tax.

And, don’t forget that the NFL, with its billionaire owners who make tens of millions of dollars a year from broadcasting rights alone, before ever selling a single ticket, and that pays it commissioner in excess of $40 Million per year, is a NON-PROFIT organization EXCEPT from federal income tax.

Be that as it may, after decades of NFL owners using Los Angeles as a pawn and of Los Angeles politicians using the LA Coliseum as a pawn for their own agendas, thus denying the construction of a modern stadium and the relocation or expansion of the league back to Los Angeles years and years earlier, and directly causing the O’Malley family to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers, the “New-Old” LA Rams play their first exhibition game this weekend, preceded by the debut of the team’s underbelly on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” beginning tonight.

That, I’m sure, will be the topic of many discussions, but for now, a look at a couple of other key issues involving the team itself.

First, a premise that must be understood: The LA Rams brain trust, from GM Les Snead to coaching, is absolutely and totally incompetent, and this group will NEVER bring a championship team to Los Angeles. I’ve previously discussed the front office and the fact that they committed franchise suicide by loading up the van and carting off everything of value that the team possessed – DRAFT CHOICES – in the trade for a very average quarterback prospect , Jarod Goff, who is under no stretch of the imagination a “franchise quarterback” in the mold of a Tom Brady or Joe Montana, or for that matter, of a Vince

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Ferragamo or Jim Everett, who could lead the team to a title, and certainly not to a series of titles.

Then, there is the next problem, the coaching staff, and that is a two-fold issue. Incompetent journeyman trojan scum head coach Jeff Fisher has had no semblance of success in years, leading his teams over the past six seasons to a combined 41 win and 52 loss and one tie record. He last won a playoff game 13 years ago. He had some moderate success, but major disappointments,
with very talented teams in Tennessee a lifetime ago, and has been horrid since. He should never have been hired by the Rams to begin with, and he should have been fired after the team’s 6-10 2014 season.

But he is far from the worst member of the team’s coaching staff. That honor belongs to one of the most miserable excuses for a human being employed in the world of professional sports, Fisher’s buddy and anointed defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams. In case you missed it, Williams was the architect of “BountyGate”, which he instituted while defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints. As a refresher, THIS, as I wrote back in 2012, was “BountyGate”:

“Understand what this was: This was the coaching staff of a professional football team offering cash rewards to speedy, 300 pound professional athletes, for causing injuries to the players on opposing teams. The bounty system was in effect for three full years, from 2009 through 2011. It involved as few as 22 Saints’ players, and possibly as many as 27. It was reported that there was maintained a “bounty pool” of $50,000, and players received $1,000 for causing an opposing player to be carted off the field, and $1,500 for causing an opposing player to be knocked out of a game.”

Rather than being deservedly bared from the NFL for LIFE, Williams served a ridiculous one-year suspension, and then was welcomed back by his NFL family, first to Tennessee and then by his brother-in-arms, Fisher, to the St. Louis Rams.

So, as the Rams begin a new era in Los Angeles, football fans need to make a big decision – do you root for incompetence in Fisher and GM Snead, do you root for a person who gives no value to life or limb but who willingly pays others to inflict serious bodily injury on fellow players, or do you wait it out, let them fail and as intelligent yet impatient fans demand more hope for a better future?

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