LA Rams’ Trade: A Disaster for Years to Come

Slap-happy Los Angeles football fans have been jubilant since the LA Rams pulled off their blockbuster trade last week, securing the NFL Draft’s number one pick in order to be in a position to draft a franchise quarterback that will lead the team to prominence and frequent Super Bowl appearances. The problem is, there is no franchise quarterback available in the 2016 NFL draft, and by trading away a parcel of draft picks, they have lost their ability to take advantage of what is otherwise an excellent group of prospects at other positions. Fans and team officials are blinded by the idea of a quick fix if they think that either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz is a generational quarterback that can be the savior of

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the franchise. There are franchise-caliber future mega-stars in this draft, but they play positions such as linebacker and cornerback, for example. and they would be far better choices for the Rams.

Speculation is rampant as to which of the two quarterbacks the team will choose, Goff, who led the Cal Bears to an extremely disappointing 4-5 Pac-12 conference record that included a four-game conference losing streak and an ugly 35-22
loss to rival Stanford, or Wentz, who led his Division Too-Low-To-Rank North Dakota State Bisons to a title, beating up on such football powers as Weber State, Northern Iowa and North Dakota, but actually losing to the likes of Montana and South Dakota. He also missed much of the season with a broken wrist (those loses were before the injury).

In a year where there is no Andrew Luck, Marcus Mariota or even Sam Bradford (the Ram’s choice as the number one pick in the entire 2010 draft, selected ahead of players such as Rob Gronkowski, Sean Lee, Jimmy Graham, Kam Chancellor, Ndamukong Suh, Antonio Brown and more than two dozen other future Pro Bowlers) in the draft, psychotic personnel types are salivating over the fantasy of one of these two quarterbacks becoming a Hall-of-Fame caliber star.

What exactly did the Rams do? They gave up their first round pick that was at No. 15, their two second round picks, Nos. 43 and 45, their No. 76 third round pick AND their FIRST and third picks in the 2017 draft. In exchange, they received that first overall pick, plus the No, 113 pick in this year’s fourth round and No. 177 pick in this year’s sixth round. So, going into next week’s draft, after the first pick, the Rams do not have another pick until No. 110 in the fourth round, plus the No. 113 pick, and then have only two additional picks, Nos 177 and 190 in the sixth round. And, they have further mortgaged their future by giving away their 2017 first round pick, as well as that third rounder.

So, who is in the draft that can be a franchise player, a game changer who could actually help turn a bad team into a winner? Well, at the top of the 2016 draft are some players whose futures as mega-stars seems to be, baring injury, very clear. Among them are former UCLA linebacker and part-time running back Miles Jack, Florida State cornerback Jalen Ramsey, Mississippi offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil, and possibly also Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa. Ranking services such as Scouts Inc. put as many as nine or

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ten players above the two quarterbacks, Goff and Wentz, as better bets for the draft gamble. Had the Rams not made the deal, the Rams' “old” No. 15 pick would have be perfect to take their actual biggest need, a top wide receiver, and at 15 they might have had their pick of the top four wideouts in the draft, Laquon Treadwell, Josh Doctson, Will Fuller and Corey Coleman.

For a team in a new, anxious market, where glitter
and glamour wear off fast and where winning is everything, a team coming off a 7-9 record, slightly better than the previous season’s 6-10, building a winner is essential for long-term success, and giving up so much for a misguided train of thought, and “quick fix”, is a monumental error. Build on a decent defense, shore up the offensive line, and add to a woefully poor receiving corp, and go into the season with journeyman quarterbacking and wait for the right deal or the right draft pick. It is NOT Goff or Wentz.

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