So Many reasons to HATE the Marlins

As the 2016 baseball season draws near, all of the possibilities for success create excitement in the air, and those of us rooting for LA’s teams see this as THE year we’ve waited for, for so long. But at the other end of the spectrum, one team that plays its games

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on the other side of the country, one seemingly innocuous team with little success in recent years, and no chance of success this season, has engendered an aura of hate among otherwise reasonable, clear-thinking people. One reason has been a problem with the franchise for years, others have only arisen recently, and combining them, it is the Miami Marlins that I hope to see at the bottom the the National League standings come next October.

The owner, Jeffrey Loria:

75-year-old art dealer Jeffrey Loria has a long history of problematic behavior through the years of his team ownership. Once the owner of the almost forgotten Montreal Expos, it was Loria who insulted his fan base be eliminating English-language broadcasts, and he paved the way for the team’s exit from Canada by demanding public funds for a new stadium, or else. The “or else” won, and the franchise moved to Washington, D.C. Loria engineered a windfall deal, selling the Expos to the league and purchasing the Marlins, obtaining a no-interest loan that covered the difference between what he received for the Expos and the cost of the Marlins. The whole deal was so suspect, that Loria’s former Canadian partners went as far as filing a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) lawsuit against both him and Major League Baseball. Loria prevailed in the litigation, but nevertheless, the fact that it was even filed says quite a bit about his tactics.

As the owner of the Marlins since 2002, Loria has developed a well-deserved reputation as not just a “hands-on” owner but one who despite no background in the game believes he knows more than his operations or on-field management and who never hesitates to step in and overrule baseball decisions as to personnel. There have been reported cases of his having vetoed the major league call-up of players from the minors and even of telling his manager to switch around his pitching rotation. He also has not hesitated to enter the team clubhouse, interjecting not just his presence but his opinion where it was neither wanted nor appreciated.

The manager, the empty uniform non-manager don mattingly:

After years of underachievement and horrendous mistakes as their manager, the Los Angeles Dodgers were gifted with an amazing present by Mr. Loria, when this off season he lured his favorite ex-yankee, don mattingly, away from Southern California, to become the manager of his Marlins. The problem is now theirs, as the Dodgers have now hired an actual competent person to run the team on the field and the empty uniform non-manager will from now on be making his mistakes and miscalculations in Southern Florida. Any team run by the empty uniform non-manager deserves scorn and repulsion, and we’ve got plenty of that to heap upon the Marlins.

the HAIR, boss, the HAIR!

Micro-managing at its worst is how best to describe the authoritarian edict just released by

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Marlin’s management, that adult millionaires in the employ of the team as “talent” will no longer be allowed to sport facial hair. Is this the German army under you-know-who, or the FBI under Ms. J. Edgar Hoover we’re talking about? No, it’s a 21st century billion-dollar business that is totally dependent on the performance of that “talent” to succeed and make obscene profits for the ownership. Really? That’s how they (meaning Loria, who else would have the insane power, lack of common sense and disregard for basic human
concerns to do such a thing?) think they can run an organization? As bad as this edict is, telling adults when and how to or not to shave, the fact the the players and even the empty uniform non-manager don mattingly himself have knuckled under, with barely a whimper. What are these guys made of, papier mache and goose spit? Show some backbone, fellows, don’t just say “Yes, Sir, May I Have Another?”

And there is the big problem: OK, ownership and management are incompetent idiots, but the players are worse. Say something, do something, don’t just accept this kind of crap!

Clearly Marlins’ players are impotent, effete cowards who deserve nothing better than last place in the NL East.

Yep, lots of reasons to HATE the Miami Marlins.

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