2016 Lakers: The Wrong Roster, the Wrong Coach

It’s no surprise that both at halftime and after Friday nights embarrassing loss to Sacramento, that Lakers’ coach Byron Scott had many choice words for his team. Some of those words included Scott’s saying that ”I told my team they had to be ready when the game starts, but they weren’t ready,”

In Scott’s second season as the team’s head coach and with, again, a totally revamped roster from the prior season, just whose fault is it that the Lakers’ continue to be a horrendous defensive team, letting opposing players practically score at will, and generally

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dominate the boards? Sure Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak are the most responsible for who is in the purple and gold, but Scott has input in that, and all the say so in actually coaching that group, and in getting them ready to play. A team not ready when the buzzer sounds is 100% the coach’s responsibility. Period.

Granted, the Lakers are still (and likely will continue to be for several seasons to come) in a
transition process, ostensibly re-building the franchise once again into a decent team. Last year was a totally wasted season, with the very few players on last year’s roster who have a chance to be decent players and part of the team’s future either spending much of all of the season injured, or getting few less playing time than they should have, allowing them to develop and making the Laker’s worst season in history not the absolute total loss that it was. The current Lakers’ roster includes only two, maybe three, players who played for the team last season, who actually have a future with them – Jordan Clarkson, Ryan Kelly, and maybe Tarik Black. (I do not include Julius Randle and his 14 minute season). I said from the very beginnings of last season that Clarkson was the team’s future and he should be playing big minutes, but instead, Scott chose to play the likes of the worthless Ronnie Price.

Now, for 2015-2016, they’ve added young potential in D’Angelo Russell, another young guy who has a slight chance of become an NBA-caliber player in Larry Nance,Jr., and in a season the PROMISES to produce another horribles record keeping them far, far playoff contention, instead of filling the roster with young, promising talent, what do they do? They sign ancient, over-the-hill psychos like ron meta psycho artest, an aging foreign player in 32-year-old Marcelo Huertas, and fill the roster with other 30-year-olds like Lou Williams and Brandon Bass, while also keeping the other dead weight, one-dimensional trojan scum nick young. The team’s final cut was very revealing, as the team choose to sign the psycho and cut Jabari Brown, who showed flashes of real ability in his brief time with the team last season. I’d take brown over you-know-who any day of the week.

Either plug holes and masquerade as a real team (which won’t work) or really re-build the team. You cannot succeed doing it half-and-half, or rather half-assed, as the team is doing, and has been doing now for two years.

The Lakers’ team on the court now is hardly better than last season, but it does have a bit more potential with Clarkson developing into a potential star, Randle now injury free, but with a major question mark in Russell who so far in the very short season has shown very little. But Scott’s inability to get his team ready to play, by his own omission, may be most telling of all. I said from the start, from before he was hired, that his hiring would be a fatal error, and he is more than proving that I’m right – not in failing to produce a winning record, that was never expected, but in actually building a team, getting the right guys on the court in the right positions, and getting them ready to play.

The Lakers play Dallas tonight, who has defeated the Lakers in their last seven meetings. Make that eight.

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