“New Look” Lakers Could Exceed Last Year’s Awful Record

Gone are Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer, gone are Jeremy Lin and Wayne Ellington, gone are Ed Davis and Xavier Henry, gone are Wesley Johnson and Jabari Brown, and gone is the NBA’s worst, least talented player, Ronnie Price. Now in Lakers’ colors are the returning injured, Kobe Bryant and Julius Randle, new young hopefuls D’Angelo Russell, Larry Nance, Jr. and Anthony Brown, elderly import Marcelo Huertas, long-time NBA veterans Roy Hibbart, Brandon Bass, and Lou Williams, and in a disgusting return to the

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team, shutting out a worthy younger, talented player, is the psycho thug who should still be in prison for his on-court past criminal behavior, the disgusting psycho artest meta thing.

Put that all together with the other returnees and mediocre coach Byron Scott, and you have a 2015-2016 Lakers’ team that should exceed last year’s all-time worst franchise record of 21-61, .256, and could win as many as 30 games. Maybe.

I’ve said before that Kobe is through as an everyday NBA player, and as I said quite awhile back, will make it into less than one-half the team’s games this season, maybe again for the third consecutive season no more than around two or three dozen games. If the team is mistakenly depending on him this season, and fail to focus on building an offense around Randle, Russell and Clarkson, then they are doomed for another season of losing three of every four games, and will have yet another wasted season in what should be a total rebuilding process.

This fact makes two other moves very, very wrong. First, is the re-signing of the psycho artest meta thing, a mistake of monumental proportions, done for one reason and one reason only, to help stall faltering interest and eventual reduced ticket sales among a fan base disgusted with most team moves over the past two years, not to mention the won-lost record. For whatever depraved reason, the psycho thing is a favorite among some equally deranged fans, and ownership thinks this is a popular move. WRONG. That roster spot should have gone to the final cut, Jabari Brown, who could actually contribute to the team today and to a rebuilt and winning team in coming seasons. Second, and for similar reasons, with ownership seeing fan support for him, the team still includes the worthless, one-dimensional ex-trojan scum nick young, whose occasional shooting hot streaks never,

ever make up for the fact that he has no other skills, plays NO defense, and never, ever gives up a forced shot by passing to an open teammate. The Lakers would be five games or more better off to start the season without these two dead weights.

Bass is a good back-up addition for a team in a playoff race, but his value in taking playing time on a rebuilding Lakers team, and thus letting younger players like Ryan Kelly, Nance and Tarik
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Black sit, is another mistake. Bringing in Williams, on the other hand, is a good move, as he could be a Laker for five or more seasons, as a major part of a rebuild, having a role similar to the one performed so masterfully the last few years on the Clippers by Jamal Crawford.

The Lakers are infinitely better at center this season, with a real, NBA-size guy, in Hibbert, and with the talented but also undersized Black behind him. Sacre has his moments, and also provides size, but has now proven that he will never be more than a third-string, 6-8 minutes-per-game player.

So, as the season is set to start in a couple of hours, the Lakers are a drastically different team than the one that started last season, but it is only better off and more talented by the health of Randle, the drafting of Russell, and the promise of full-time minutes for Clarkson.

29-53 sounds about right.

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