Happy Days Are Here Again!

Note: I have been away from blogging, here and on other blogs, due to the bulk of my time being taken up by a four-month-long major project, that is now behind me. My absence here had nothing to do with blogging, sports, or anything other than my total lack of available time to research, write and post.


Yes, indeed, Happy Day are Here Again – the Wicked Witch is DEAD!

Gone, gone from our our minds, gone from our souls, gone from our team – the empty uniform non-manager is GONE!

Unless Joe Madden, Bruce Bochy* or Ned Yost suddenly decides that SoCal is the place to be, in a few days the charade of reviewing, interviewing and considering will be over, and Gabe Kapler will be named the Dodgers’ manager going forward.

Now, if that other over-rated, under-performing non-achieving member of the Dodgers can just be removed, all will be well in tinsletown. Unfortunately, yasmani grandal will be here at least another season, likely two, until his real worthlessness will be more evident and dealt with. Mystery of mysteries is how and why he is held in such esteem by so many who generally have a pretty good understanding of the game. He is a run-of-the-mill catcher, no better at all than the real guy who pretty much was back as number one by the end of the season, A.J Ellis, and he is a bad, bad hitter, with occasional power.

His real hitting prowess can be seen with a bit of a breakdown of his 2015 numbers. After a horrid April start, he had an over-his-head hot streak that lasted for about two months, through May and June. The rest of the season was an out and out disaster, and the numbers prove it. On July 7, grandal had hit 14 home runs and had driven in 36 runs. Over the rest of the season, in 52 games, he hit two additional home runs, drove in 11 runs, and batted .174. Add in his awful April and for a total of 69 games, he hit 3 home rums, drove in 13 runs, and batted .178. This continued through the playoff series with the Mets, in which grandal hit .100.

His chances of ever having another streak like he had in May and June are slim, as his .178 average and one RBI every six games over the rest of the season are representative of his true ability and talent. Remember, his last two seasons in San Diego saw him hit .216 and .225.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not mention that the guy traded away to get grandal, Matt Kemp, playing in super-spacious Petco Park, hit .265 with 23 home runs and 100 RBI for the Padres.

Once again, the Wicked Witch is DEAD:

*Did you know that baseball’s number one manager, Bruce Bochy, was born in France?

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