Last Night’s Dodgers’ Game Raises Lots of Questions

Last night was game four of the 2015 major league season for those of us who now have been granted divine access to SportsNet LA and Los Angeles Dodgers’ games, through the magnanimous gesture of Charter Cable’s public relations and legal departments, who realized that by doing do would provided ten-fold benefits in reducing public opposition to yet another merger of media giants, further concentrating power and wealth in an

ever-decreasing select few.

As to the game itself, it was more evidence, as I have described for months beginning last fall when the structure of the 2015 Dodgers began to take shape, that major mistakes were being made, mistakes that have been masked by the fact that the Dodgers are in a weak division where the only other
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two contenders each got off to slow starts. Thus the Dodgers have led the division most of the season. However, with the Giants having a far stronger and deeper and more talented team than most every-other-year observers had predicted, and with the Padres still in the process of getting together a vasty different team than that of last season, the Dodgers’ continued stance at the top of the NL West is not very secure.

And so, last night the Dodgers, behind Zach Greinke, one of the top starters in baseball, faced off against the disappointing Padres and their appointed starter, the worst pitcher in major league baseball, former trojan scum and baseball’s biggest headhunter, one ian kennedy, who was coming into the game with a 3-5 won-lost record and 6.48 ERA, and the results were ominous. During the game, Dodgers’ announcer Charlie Steiner waxed poetic about the vastly improved Dodgers’ lineup, how powerful and deep it was, and how no pitcher can get a break with any hitter, as from top to bottom, they face a one solid Dodgers’ hitter after another.

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So what happened? Well, kennedy sliced through that great lineup like an actual professional pitcher, going seven innings, allowing a single run on four measly hits. He held Adrain Gonzalez, Howie Kendrick and Andre Ethier all hitless. What a disgrace! Dodgers' hitters should be ashamed of themselves for such a disgusting performance
against a pitcher who should be playing for beer money on some sandlot.

Yet again, a fine performance from Greinke was wasted as two runs allowed over eight innings got him a loss. For the season, he has given up two or fewer runs in ten games this season, and has won exactly three of those games.

Today the Dodgers’ get to face Padres’ ace James Shields and his 7-0 record. The lineup they will use will be weaker than last night’s with the one change being Alberto Callaspo at third instead of Justin Turner. I’m not expecting much.

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