It’s Actually Happened – Charter Cable and SportsNet LA

After almost a full season and a half, those of us in the outskirts of incorporated Los Angeles, out in the boonies where Time Warner Cable has been unable to buy inroads akin to their LA City cable monopoly, where our TV choices have been DirectTV, Dish, Verizon FIOS and Charter Cable, and nothing else (except for services like Amazon Prime, Netflix,

etc., that gives you film on demand but nothing live), the Dodgers are now no longer a mere memory, no more an amorphous cloud barely visible in the dark, deep recesses of brain matter once devoted to watching, analyzing, rooting and remembering great plays, exciting moments and historic achievements. The Dodgers and Time Warner Cable stole all that from us for $8 Billion in riches, but the vagaries of big business and billion-dollar mergers has now returned it to us.
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As Charter Cable negotiates its acquisition of the big bad wolf of modern day fairy tales, in a move done without an iota of altruism but rather done to improve community relations and gain public favor for further contraction into a select and ever-powerful few in the cable industry, those of in Charter’s own monopolistic cable sphere can now tune to channel 44 (or some higher number for high def) and actually once again see the Dodgers on a baseball field and actually hear the dulcet tones of the voice of VIn Scully. It’s live right now with repeat games, and tonight as the Dodgers battle some triple-A caliber team from Arizona, we will be privy to a real, live, major league, regular season Dodgers’ game on live, local TV. And at no extra charge added to our cable bills.

Thanks to Charter? No “thanks” are needed. They didn’t do it for the fans. When Comcast attempted its short-lived buyout of Time Warner, the outcry across TV land was hard to miss – masses of citizens saw the evil and ultimate increased costs and reduction in services such a monumental combination of size and power would create, and they spoke out. Ultimately, Comcast saw the pending outcome and withdrew, tail between its legs,

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brow beaten back and laying flat, leaving Time Warner holding the bag and few cards. In swoops Charter, check in hand, and public relations on its corporate-personhood mind. So, their first order of business was to tell the swarm of subscribers how great they are and the proof in the pudding was to give the masses back their Dodgers, and for free!

Don’t get me wrong, we’ll take it, but don’t for a minute think that it will always be free. Just wait for the merger to be finalized, and costs, maybe direct or maybe hidden in some new “super package” of cable stations you just cannot live without, there will be a price to pay.

But for now, “It’s time for Dodgers’ baseball!”

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