Clippers Need to Want to Win This One

Following the Clippers’ amazing win Monday in Houston, local commentators have been saying that the Clippers are satisfied to have won the opener on the road and that tonight’s game really doesn’t matter, that losing does not hurt them, after getting that one road win to open the series.

This is beyond ridiculous!

Granted, it is the right move that the injured Chris Paul does sit out a second game, but not because the Clippers are throwing in the towel. The Clippers have shown two things: 1) The Houston Rockets are far from invincible, and 3) The Clippers CAN beat them, and even without Paul.
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A Clippers’ loss tonight makes it a best-of-five series, with Houston having the momentum going to Los Angeles for the next two. A win for LA puts them two-up and means they need only win two of three home games with no need to win another game on the road to take the series. It also would mean that Houston would have to win at least two road games to take the series.

Tonight’s game is just as important as Monday night’s game, and the undermanned Clippers need to use every ounce of talent, motivation and guts to win. The need the tremendous play of DeAndre Jordan dominating in the middle and showing the world the real, overrated Deee-Wight, they need J.J. Redick’s defense again containing James

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Harden, they need the intensity, defense, and long-range shooting of Matt Barnes, they need the clutch bench scoring from Jamal Crawford, and they need more of the overwhelming all-around dominance of Blake Griffin, the single most dominant player in the NBA post season.

They cannot let up or in any way think that with
one win that their job in Houston is done. To think so, to act so, is admitting defeat, and they might as well go home and forfeit the rest of the series.

Some of these same commentators have basically conceded the Western Conference title to Golden State. For whatever reason (how do you spell “nepotism”) they are in love with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, and they are acting astounded that Memphis could possibly steal a single game in their second round series. Well, last night the Grizzlies defended Curry and Thompson, holding them to three-of-17 on three point shots between them, and 38% shooting. The Warriors have played tremendous defense all season, but the Grizzlies play even better overall team defense, better in the league in fact than any other team outside of Chicago, and after game two, the GS offense is sputtering in disbelief. For example, their 37% on three-point shooting over the regular season was cut down to 23% in that second game of the series.

The Warriors’ Rookie coach Steve Kerr has received well-deserved accolades for the job he gas dibe this season, but he is making one big mistake now, in not utilizing the talents of David Lee. Little used since his return from injury, Kerr needs Lee’s inside game and overall toughness against the likes of Marc Gasol and Zack Randolph, and keeping him on the bench will come back to haunt Kerr.

The Clippers versus Memphis is not too hard to imagine.

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