Three News Items Twenty Years From Today: May, 2035

Early this morning just after midnight, and after 12 long years on death row, former boxing great Floyd Mayweather was executed, for the murder of the last in a long line of women that he used as punching bags in between his prizefights. Mayweather, who died destitute despite earning well over $1 Billion in income over his boxing career, had a long series of convictions for domestic assault, but he received one advantageous plea bargain or sentencing after another, keeping him out of prison, as boxing boards across the country continued to ignore his criminal behavior, granting him licenses without question, allowing him to continue to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, until that final episode where his victim expired from her injuries. Mayweather remained unapologetic to the end, never once admitting he had done anything wrong.

Plans were unveiled today for a proposed football stadium north of downtown Los Angeles. The developer, former Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, announced hope of luring either the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, or St. Louis Rams to the new facility. 2035 marked the 41st year that the Los Angeles area has been without an NFL team, despite one stadium proposal
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after another, including AEG’s proposed Farmers’ Field in downtown Los Angeles, Ed Roski’s LA Stadium in the City of Industry, a proposal for a stadium in Carson to be shared by both the Raisers and the Chargers, and Ram’s owner Stan Kroenke plan to build a stadium in Inglewood. That plan of course led to Kroenke’s conviction for fraud based on his misrepresentations to Inglewood officials that he actually intended to move his team to that city, while he was in the process of leveraging that proposal for concessions on a new stadium deal in St. Louis.

Ridley-Thomas’ proposal is especially ironic given that back in the 1990s, as a member of the Los Angeles City Council, he said that any NFL team moving to Los Angeles had to play in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum or nowhere, and led the opposition to then Dodgers’ owner Peter O’Malley who had planned to build a football stadium next to Dodgers’ Stadium, where a team he would acquire would play. O’Malley became so incensed with Ridley-Thomas and the lackeys on the city council who followed him, that he soon left Los Angeles and sold the Dodgers, leading to years of disgrace for the team under first Rupert Murdoch’s Fox ownership, followed then by Frank McCourt’s ownership.

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Former football player Jameis Winston was sentenced to life in prison today, following his third-strike conviction after a long series of sexual assaults and batteries, and assaults with intent to cause great bodily injury, for which he had spent much of the past 15 years in prison. Winston, who played quarterback for Florida State University where he was first investigated for sexual
assault but was not prosecuted, once was the first pick in the NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Bucs. Soon after that draft, however, Winston was arrested and ultimately convicted of assault for the first time, but that was a misdemeanor and he served only four months in jail. He joined Tampa Bay following his release from custody, and played two disappointing seasons with the Bucs before being released. He had shots with two other teams over the next couple of years, before his first felony conviction, and his first state prison term, that ended his pro football career.

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