Will Carl Crawford Injury Mean Alex Guerrero in Left Field?

In last night’s Dodgers’ game, left fielder Carl Crawford, the Dodgers’ outfielder who SHOULD have been traded rather than 2015 National League MVP Matt Kemp, suffered an injured oblique, and while updates today have been few and far between, according to the LA Times, he is likely to hit the DL and miss up to a month. Could this mean the end of the absurd talk of replacing solid third baseman Juan Uribe with Alex Guerrero, with

instead, Guerrero getting a left field tryout? Sounds very likely, and it could well begin in tonight's game against the Giants.

Fans and critics alike have called for Uribe's benching in favor of the hot hitting Guerrero, totally disdaining Guerrero lack of ability to play infield in the major leagues. Fodder for their position includes what they see as a nifty play at third he did turn in when he played their on Sunday. Granted, he made a nice
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back-hand stab on a hard hit ball, but they ignore that he then made an awful throw that had error written all over it, but he was bailed out by a great, in-the-dirt catch at first by Adrian Gonzalez. Also, these guys are totally ignoring the fact that while Uribe got off to a slow start this season, he’s in form now, playing his usual great defense at third, and hitting .323 over his last nine games and with at least one RBI in each of his last three.

I hope to see Scott Van Slyke also in the outfield tonight. So much has been made of Guerrero’s hitting so far this season, but Van Slyke’s start has been ignored. While Guerrero, and his cast iron glove, is hitting an even .500, in the same number of at bats, Van Slyke is batting a nifty .409, with little fanfare. While Guerrero does deserve the chance to show Dodgers’ fandom and the empty uniform non-manager don mattingly whether or not he can pay any semblance of a decent left field, it is Van Slyke who likely will get the playing time in the outfield with both Puig and Crawford injured, at least against lefties. Remember, Andre Ethier is also hitting .310 in his fill-in roll, primarily against righties.

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With Crawford likely to be added to the Dodgers' DL, they have some high priced talent there. Adding Crawford to the list that includes Hyun-Jin Ryu, Yasiel Puig, Kenley Jansen, Brandon McCarthy, Brandon League, Brandon Beachy, and Joel Pertalta, these eight would be earning $65 million for NOT playing. Gee, didn't I say something about this about a dozen times this past off season, as the team retained the injury plagued Crawford, and signed every injured pitcher they could find?

After Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke start tonight and tomorrow, and the off day Thursday, Scott Baker has now been penciled in for Friday’s opener against Arizona. I’m really surprised to see him get that start ahead of Mike Bolsinger, but, hey, you know who’s making those decisions.

Note: Just as I finished writing this, CBS Sports reports Crawford to the DL with a torn oblique.

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