Young Athletes Like Kyle Lowry Are Stealing Money From Their Teams and From Their Fans

Earlier this NBA season and before his latest season-ending injury, I frequently wrote about the Lakers’ vacationing millionaire, about how Kobe Bryant passed up game after game to stay home sipping Pina Coladas and counting his $23 million. But, after all he is an ancient mariner at 36 long, tough years of age, and thus entitled to rest his weary bones when ever he feels the need, fans, teammates, and the guy signing the checks be damned.

There is precedent for this, as Gregg Popovich has honed the art of resting star players as his San Antonio Spurs have raced to one NBA title after another. Of course
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his stars, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, are also up there in years, now at the ripe of ages of 38, 32, and 37, respectively.

But then we have the situation in Toronto, where a collection of journeymen of average talent have combined to somehow put together a pretty good won-lost record, largely due to the grossly inferior quality of overall play to be found in the horrendously bad NBA Eastern Conference, where teams seven games under .500 are as of now qualified for the post season, and where teams as bad as the 23-37 Detroit Pistons are still in serious playoff contention.

And on that Toronto Raptors team, which has been a pathetic 2-6 since the All-Star break, they have a “starting” point guard by the name of Kyle Lowry, who at the young age of 28 years apparently possesses the body of a 90-year-old and who after playing in a mind-boggling 58 games this season – who would ask any player to do something that over-taxing, and for a mere $12 Million – has just been to darn tired to play since February 27. Thats right, this 28-year-old MILLIONAIRE athlete, who is paid out of the money that fans turn over to the Raptors for tickets or to one cable outlet or another for the privilege of seeing the Raptors play from the
of seeing the Raptors play from the living room easy chair, cannot be bothered to show up for an actual game, because he's just too tired to play!

So far, Lowry's missed seeing his teammates play in three games, and the only one they've won was against the 13-48 Philadelphia 76ers.

What a crock.

If I were the owner of the Raptors, I’d tell Mr. Vacationing Millionaire No. 2 that he can just “rest” for the remainder of the season, and for the remainder of his career, for all I care. He should be suspended without pay and told to go count whatever money he has left, and enjoy his Pina Coladas.

The idea that it is too difficult and too tiring for professional athletes who are collecting MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO PLAY A GAME, and who are in the prime of their young lives, to actually go out and play in front of adorning fans is absurd. You are paid a fortune to play this game and the least you can do is SHOW UP AND PLAY!

If you cannot do that, then DON’T TAKE THE MONEY!

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