Paul and Jordan Are Not Enough For Depleted Clippers

Blake Griffin has now missed eleven games since his elbow surgery early last month, and while the Clippers have won seven of them, their lack of depth is getting more and more critical as their roster becomes more and more depleted, seemingly with each passing day.

Following Griffins surgery, starting small forward Matt Barnes suffered a pulled hamstring, and has missed the team's last two games, and invaluable sixth man Jamal Crawford is now also out of action with an injured calf.

With Spencer Hawes and the newly acquired Jordan Hamilton now starting, in last night's game against Portland, the Clippers bench consisted of Glen Davis, Hedo Turkoglu, and
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Austin Rivers, and they contributed a total of 14 points in the come-from-ahead overtime loss. The Clippers lost despite continued tremendous play from Chris Paul and what overall could be characterized as another yeoman performance from DeAndre Jordan, except for one unforgivable mental error.

Paul scored 36 points and handed off for 12 assists, and Jordan had yet another monster rebounding night, pulling in 19. Over the team’s last four games, Jordan has averaged 21 rebounds, and In the 11 games minus Griffin, Jordan has pulled down 19 a game. But, with a couple of seconds left in regulation tonight and all alone under the basket, Jordan collected rebound number 18 of his 19 on a Chris Paul miss, but instead of shooing, he stood motionless as time ran out. That moment was even worse than his time at the free
throw line, where he regressed last night to an awful two-of-ten. The Clippers were outscored 11-6 in Overtime, for a 98-93 loss.

With Crawford out, the Clippers have no backup behind starter J.J. Redick at the shooting guard spot. Hamilton has a little over a hundred NBA games to his name, scoring less than six points per, and journeyman Dahntay Jones, who did
also get off the bench last night for one minute of playing time, has averaged barely over five points a game as he banged around the NBA from Memphis to Sacramento to Denver to Indiana to Atlanta to Dallas to the Clippers. And, things are so bad with the front court with both starting forwards injured that coach Doc Rivers chose to go with a three guard set to start the game, with Hamilton starting along with Paul and Redick.

The only real good news for the Clippers is that they are now off until Sunday, and maybe some of the wounded can get well, or partially well. On a semi-related note, former Clippers guard Darren Collison, who the team should never have let leave as a free agent, and who was having a great season as the starter in Sacramento, has also suffered what has now been deemed a season-ending injury. But, Jordan Farmar is still an NBA free agent. Just tell me why not?

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