Friedman Taking Over – Is mattingly on Borrowed Time?

The bright ray of hope that the empty uniform non-manager don mattingly might have been sent packing upon the hiring of Andrew Friedman as the Dodgers new head of baseball operations quickly vanished when Friedman endorsed the left-over turkey to continue mis-managing the team. Now, however, Friedman has announced how he will

take part in a few team decisions that in the long history of major league baseball have always been the sole province of the manager. Can this POSSIBLY be a ploy to force the hand of mattingly, and get him to resign? Or, in a move even more nefarious, might Friedman even consider making not quite the correct decision, all the time, perhaps sabotaging the end result?

While real, major-league quality managers both understand and accept the range of duties that job includes, and will take no interference from
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their superiors in the organization, if one is to believe reports from both the DodgersNation blog and Bill Plaschke of the LA Times, then mattingly is now standing idly by as Friedman usurps several key duties traditionally reserved for the team’s manager, and absolutely, positively only, for the team’s manager.

These duties include the most basic of managerial duties – determining the lineup on a day to day basis. According to DodgersNation, it is a “tedious task” that mattingly is facing in setting a daily lineup on a team with some new faces, and in doing so, considering matchups and providing rest days to certain players. Oh, and also, there is that task, impossible to leave in the hands of just the team’s manager, of deciding who might now bat leadoff, with the departure of Dee Gordon, who occupied that spot for the bulk of of games last season.

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I mean, how can just one man decide all this? It's not like its done by EVERY OTHER MANAGER, is it? But, see Plaschke's reporting, quoting Friedman:

“Donnie is so mired in the day-to-day stuff that sometimes he doesn’t see things as clearly, ...”

I've been very critical of mattingly throughout
his tenure as the Dodgers’ manager, and emphatically, it has been well deserved. But this is a new chapter in incompetence. How could ANY manager, or head coach in the NFL or NBA, accept such a situation, where his boss has come out and told him and the public, that he, and not the manager, will be involved in (read “making”) such determinations?

Can you imagine Tony La Russa, Billy Martin, Earl Weaver, or mattingly’s mentor, Joe Torre, accepting such a situatiion? Never in a million years.

So what does it mean? Can it be a plot on Friedman’s part to FINALLY rid the Dodgers of mattingly? Friedman never forced Joe Maddon into such a position through their long years together with the Tampa Bay Rays, so why now?

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One Response to Friedman Taking Over – Is mattingly on Borrowed Time?

  1. Michael Norris says:

    I stand corrected on warner…I knew it was Ruppert Murdock’s company, and you are right it was FOX> I liked Peter O’Malley. He did his best to make sure the team stayed competitive and for the most part did a good job. Not as astute as Walter , but his teams were pretty good.

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