Lakers (Nash, young, Scott, Price) Never Fail To Make News

As the Los Angeles fka Minneapolis Lakers sprint towards their worst season and worst record in franchise history, they remain newsworthy, but for all the wrong reasons.

The Lakers are always the subject of local talk radio and sports reporter jabber concerning whether or not they should, or in fact are engaged in, tanking, in order to help secure the best possible draft position.

The disappearance of Steve Nash is frequently a subject of interest, as he has deemed it just and proper to sit home and collect his $10 Million salary without attending Lakers' games or lending his experience and knowledge to the
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development of the team’s young players, rookie Jordan Clarkson in particular. He’s made a bit of news, however, the past few days, tweeting about soccer and with a tweet-war over some blow-up or another. Reports have censored Nash’s comments, but you can find the uncensored version on Twitter @SteveNash.

But there are a couple of actual news stories that are of interest. One concerns more idiocy from former trojan scum and current Lakers’ dead weight nick young, the worst defensive player in the NBA now and quite possibly the player in NBA history who has cared the least about even trying to play defense. This time, he had a bit of help in his antics, being joined by Jordan Hill and Carlos Boozer in a post-game celebration following Sunday’s win against the Celtics that snapped the team’s seven-game losing streak and that raised their

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season winning percentage to a glorious .255, still by far the worst in franchise history.

Listening to young and his buddies, you'd think the team had just won their 30th in a row and clinched home-court advantage through the playoffs. When Lakers' coach Byron Scott was told of the incident and then viewed a video, he is quoted to have said the following: "I was just shaking my head like, 'I can't believe this.' …
That’s not us as Lakers. That’s not how we act. It showed a lack of professionalism.”

young has a degree of popularity with a segment of Lakers’ fans who are immature, uneducated (largely trojan alumni) and/or grasping for straws, but as I said back then, re-signing him was a major mistake, and he is one of the major reasons the Lakers’ are as bad as they are. Once a month he’ll hit a hot streak and maybe contribute to a win with a key shot, but his long stretches of bad, bad shot after bad, bad shot and constant, miserable defense plus refusal to ever pass the ball is all a big part of that .255 stat. If the Lakers are to improve in the next couple of years, it can only be without this self-centered jerk.

Finally, the other bit of Lakers’ news is the season-ending elbow surgery that ronnie price is about to have. Price is at the other end of the ability spectrum from young, but is an even worse excuse for an NBA-caliber player. He’s not the jerk that young is, and he does play decent defense, but he is unquestionably the worst shooting guard in the NBA and one of the league’s all-time worst shooters. The single biggest mystery of the season has been why

Scott continued to give price so much playing time, even starting him in 20 games, while the more talented Jeremy Lin sat on the bench, unable to play himself out of his early-season funk, and while a guy who could be the team's future at point guard, Jordan Clarkson, sat and sat and sat, rather than being allowed to get valuable game experience.

Scott did finally see the light, and with price now gone for the duration, and hopefully forever, Clarkson can continue to play, and show whether or not he can become the solid player at point guard that they so desperately need, or whether they need to look elsewhere.

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