More Empty Promises From the NFL

As Ed Roski’s LA Stadium in Industry fades into a distant memory, as artist conceptions of AEG’s Farmers’ Field in downtown Los Angeles gather cobwebs, and as the Ram’s Stan Kroenke uses his wife’s inherited Walton family billions to leverage shopping center and apartment complex land in Inglewood against the public good in St. Louis, more ghosts from LA’s football past have reared their very ugly heads. Now, two bitter rivals who for years have failed to extort individual billion-dollar windfalls from the citizens of Oakland and San Diego have joined together in a mass conspiracy to force the hands of their hometown officials. Yes, playing on the emotions of the football fans of Los Angeles as Yo-Yo Ma would caress the strings of his cello, Chargers’ and Raiders’ owners have unveiled their “plans” to resurrect the long ago dead and buried, and grossly absurd idea of bringing football to the suburb of Carson, a city too far away from and in another

universe from where the movers of shakers of LA's elite reside, or would ever consider treading late at night.

The two teams, each of whom once before said goodbye to their Los Angeles home, have announced their intentions, well, sort of intentions, to maybe build a $1.7 billion dollar stadium on part of the barren landscape of Carson. That maybe part is the other wrench in the deal, after the Carson part. "Maybe" means
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that each team is not telling Carson and Los Angeles that they WILL be building this stadium and that they WILL be playing actual football games in it, but rather, that they are telling San Diego and Oakland that now is the time, at last, to commit to building new stadiums, or they will seriously consider maybe building their own stadium somewhere else. Maybe.

The idea of a stadium in Carson is a far worse idea than one in Inglewood, is not quite as bad as building one in Ontario, as that brain-dead former trojan pile of manure anthony davis one tried to promote for his personal enrichment, and is actually more absurd than Roski’s Industry plan. But, like Kroenke’s plan, that is all it is and all it will ever be. The Chargers and Raiders sharing a stadium? The mere idea has Al Davis and Eugene Klein rolling over in their graves.

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No, it's all politics, and strategy to get what they really want, and for the Raiders what they want is Oakland, and for the Chargers, what they want is San Diego. And, what they have done is yet again elicit hope in the hearts of the gullible football fans of Los Angeles. The lead story in LA local news Thursday night - on every station - was the "deal" to bring not one, but two NFL teams to Los Angeles. News reporters and sportscasters alike gushed into the cameras, as if the first game were this Sunday. Some may have actually believed
what they were reporting; I’m sure several hundred thousand viewers did.

They also believe the Rams are going to play in a stadium they build in Inglewood, while the team is actually very close to completing a deal to build a 64,000 seat stadium along the St. Louis riverfront.

20 years and counting, and there is no viable deal on the horizon. The hype goes on, but these are the facts.

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