No TV Again the Likely Scenario for Dodgers’ Fans in 2015

As the Dodgers’ pocketed the first payments in their 25-year, $8 Billion deal that gave Time-Warner Cable a virtual broadcast monopoly for Dodgers’ game telecasts, fans were almost totally shut out from seeing last season’s games. For the 70% of us who live in Los Angeles County and environs, but who do not have access to Time-Warner and thus their monstrous, evil creation SportsNet LA, but rather rely on other cable, satellite and fibre optic providers for our TV faire, we saw a handful of games broadcast by ESPN and fox, and then the last few games of the season when the Dodgers and their Time-Warner partners in crime and deceit waived a free bone in front of salivating, deprived fans.

So, an off season later and as spring training looms in front of us, it is now clear that NOTHING from last year has changed. other than a new commissioner being in charge of the propaganda. Last season Commissioner Bud Selig had some positive spin to dole out to the fans, and as the season was coming to a close without a perceivable inch of movement, he told the impatient masses that his office would do whatever it could to "break the impasse". But, as it
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turns out, “whatever it could” turned out to be absolutely nothing.

Now, as the 2015 season approaches, we have a brand, spanking new Commissioner, one Rob Manfred, whose job history and credentials are in the world of negotiations. But, he has backed off even from that slight glimmer of hope Selig provided, and has been quoted as saying that his office has “no role” in the long-running stalemate:

“Distribution issues are fundamentally issues between the rights holder and the distributors. I have no role or leverage in terms of inducing anybody to do anything in that process.

“We stay in touch with the Dodgers, the Dodgers are very concerned and obviously want to have distribution, as do we, but we just don’t really have a seat at that table.”

What a load of crap. Isn’t this EXACTLY where a commissioner SHOULD be sticking his nose? Isn’t this where he needs to use whatever power his office has to MAKE these

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assholes think of the fans? Selig was pretty quick to take over control of the Dodgers when he thought Frank McCourt was acting irresponsibly as to financial matters. Isn't what Guggenheim Baseball Management and their Time-Warner joint-venturers are doing now just as bad for baseball? Isn't that the standard, long ago established, that the commission can step in and over-ride what is "bad" to protect what is called the "best interests of baseball"?

As acclaimed sportswriter Richard Justice has said, in referencing the gold standard of sport’s commissioners, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, “Ninety-two years later, the “best interests of baseball” clause remains the single most powerful authority in sports”. It is because of Landis that the Commissioner of Baseball is specifically granted, in the Major League Baseball constitution, the power to act as he sees fit, when in “the best interests of baseball”. Justice went on to refer to how the clause was used by Commission Bowie Kuhn to stop Oakland A’s Owner Charlie Finley from selling off his best players, and how Commissioner Fay Vincent used it to suspend the dead steinbrenner when he was compiling a private dossier on Dave Winfield for some nefarious purpose, and of course, how Commissioner Ford Frick used it to create the infamous asterisk to minimize Roger Maris’ single-season home run record.

So, where is new Commissioner Rob Manfred, and why is not he acting “in the best interests of baseball”?

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