Clippers, Griffin Get Devastating News

As the Clippers, marred in their worst slump of the season and first-ever three-game losing streak under coach Doc Rivers, prepare to take on the Oklahoma City Thunder, it has been announced that irreplaceable power forward Blake Griffin will miss the next four to six weeks, as he is scheduled for surgery on Monday. Griffin has had a history of elbow problems, and has regularly had fluid drained from his right elbow, and it seems that as so often is the case, the cure is worse than the underlying problem, and has resulted in a staph infection that the Clippers’ medical crew now says requires surgical excision.

If I were Griffin, I'd exercise whatever rights I have as a player, American, and human being and RUN, for another opinion and another doctor, and away from the TOTALLY INCOMPETENT CLIPPER'S PHYSICIANS whose NEGLIGENCE caused this serious development to occur. There is no excuse for something like this to happen, and it should never have happened, period!
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The Clippers are now without two starters, as J.J. Redick is still unable to return to the lineup due to back pain. The woefully thin Clippers’ roster is already stretched even thinner, and they cannot compete with the NBA’s best without Griffin. Glen “Big Baby” Davis will likely get the start in his place, and he might give the team 20 decent minutes, but not the same as Griffin-type minutes. But where do they go from there? With the little-used Hedo Turkoglu who despite his 6’10″ size, is more of a finesse small forward than the power forward they need? With the even less-used Ekpe Udoh, who has played less than four minutes a game in only 23 appearances this season?

With Griffin projected to be out as long as he is, the Clippers almost have to make a trade to acquire help. As thin as the back court is, without Griffin, they must get help on the front line, and playing in the killer NBA Western Conference, there is not time to waste and no room for error. The Clippers play the Thunder today, followed by games against two other excellent Western Conference teams who they are chasing, Dallas and Houston, before the All-Star game next weekend.

I wonder if they just might talk to the Lakers about Jordan Hill?

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