Time for the Clippers to Step Up in Toronto

On December 27, 2014, I posted “Clippers to Face Over-Achieving Raptors This Afternoon” in which I gave my opinion about the Toronto Raptors. I described how it was my opinion that, despite their outstanding 23-7 record, they were an extremely over-rated team, with scant real talent, and a record built up through wins against the rest of the awful NBA Eastern Conference. While the significantly more talented and better coached Clippers lost that day’s game to Toronto, I did then and continue to stand by my opinions, despite being totally flamed and insulted, here and in an espn.com conversation, by a slew of Toronto fans who could not accept the truth.

After that game, Toronto had a record of 23-7. Since then, however, they have gone 10-10, and only two of their wins have been against teams with winning records, and their ten wins are against teams with a combined record of 180-262. Conversely the Clippers, who the Toronto flamers dismissed as irrelevant and inferior and who were 20-11 after the game, have compiled a 13-6 record since, including seven of their last nine, despite a bad loss last night against Cleveland, in which incompetent referees let their personal feelings rule over fairness and integrity, as five, count them FIVE technical fouls were assessed against Los Angeles..

Well, tonight the Clippers and Raptors have a rematch, in Toronto, and the Clippers should win the game, but even if they don’t they are still the better team, Period. In December, I lamented in various comments, that contrary to the misstatements made by some of the flamers, I had not picked the Clippers to win the NBA Finals, due in large part to their lightweight bench. Since then the team made a few changes in their reserve corps, but most were not improvements.

Trading for Austin Rivers and releasing Jordan Farmar was not a good move overall, despite Rivers’ excellent play since his acquisition. But they should have retained Farmar, who is a far better guard, at either the one or two, than the other new guard they acquired, Dahntay Jones. This has become especially important with J.J. Redick suffering an injury, and super-sub Jamal Crawford now starting at shooting guard in his place. The team’s only other shooting guard, C.J. Wilcox, the 28th pick in the last draft, has played little and shown less. In last night’s game he garnered more court time than ever before, and hit one-of-five three-point shots.

Tonight’s rematch could well be a release for the Clippers who were outplayed last night, both by the Cavaliers and by the referees.

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8 Responses to Time for the Clippers to Step Up in Toronto

  1. Chris Masters says:

    How’d that prediction work out for you clown? Maybe if the Clips could actually play D like the Raps can, they would be able to scrape by. Maybe if your “God” coach Doc Rivers didn’t feed his own agenda by STARTING his scrub son maybe you would have a chance.

    #WeTheNorth #RTZ

    • theHoundDawg says:

      Just because the Clippers have been dissapointing does not mean the Raptors are any good.

      I did not like the Austin Rivers deal when it was made, but Rivers has played much better than I ever thought he could.

  2. TheBoss says:

    IM BAAACKK!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That game was really really really funny wasn’t it Mr.HoundDawg? Clippers are the better team right? Remind me the last time a team was up by 20 early and down by 20 later in the game. The Raptors have absolutely embarrassed them in the two games they played this season. Remember how you said the Clippers would beat the Raptors 8 out of 10 times. OMG that was some really funny shit wasn’t it? Also retard, the Raptors went 10-10 because DeMar DeRozan was out for a bunch of those games and they also had to adjust to him coming back in the lineup. Like I said before, you are an idiot, your biased, you have no basketball sense and above all else your a moron.

    • theHoundDawg says:

      Like I said, just because the Clippers have been dissapointing, doe snot mean the Raptors are any good.

      Your personal attacks show real a whole lot. I’ve seen more basketball, played more basketball, coached more basketball, read more about basketball and written more about basketball then your could ever dream of.

  3. TheBoss says:

    Sorry, I thought I was done but I just noticed something you wrote. “by a slew of Toronto fans who could not accept the truth.” If the two wins (DeMar DeRozan didn’t even play in one of the wins) the Raptors had against the Clippers aren’t enough evidence that the Raptors are the better team than you are the one who cannot accept the truth.

    • theHoundDawg says:

      I was going to say compare the records at the end of the season, but losing Blake Griffin for the next several weeks will be devastating for the Clippers.

  4. air singh says:

    well, i guess you must be blind or something? or maybe dumb? retarded? cuz ur blog was the opposite of the results, lol… good luck bro

  5. tessie says:

    Hahahaha. Now you can eat your garbage masterpiece and digest it in your own backyard…
    Chop chop. Go Raptors go!

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