When the 2014 NFL season officially ends later today with the playing of the 2015 Super Bowl, it will commemorate exactly 20 years of football drought in Los Angeles-Orange Counties, California. Following the end of the 1994 season, first the Los Angeles Raiders and then the Los Angeles Rams announced to the football world that they were picking up stakes and moving out, for those ever-popular greener pastures. As the Raiders flounder back in Oakland and as the Rams toy with those who still care in SoCal, professional football becomes, with each passing year, more and more of a distant memory, and more and more of an unimportant and irrelevant one. As the county and some of the rest of the world is on edge with anticipation, daring not to breath too hard or assume too much, I am not alone in possessing a feeling of apathy, tempered by only a far distant feeling of hope for the team from my late father’s birthplace, Boston, and for my abject hatred for the sociopathic, deceitful, criminal mastermind pete carroll, who pulls the strings of the thugs and bullies who wear Seattle uniforms.

I watch the game each year, seldom with any rooting interest whatsoever, and find myself going to the bathroom during play so as not to miss the commercials. This year as last, I do have more interest than in most seasons, as I hope the opponent will defeat carroll's squad. But events of the past week make this year's game, in my mind at least, even more ridiculous than most. The

immense importance attached to the game is ludicrous, and the money that changes hands obscene. I heard today that if you really, really wanted a ticket, the cheapest available seats were now selling for just north of $9,000 each. How many millions is it for a tv ad, $9 million?

All this to crown a champion of of the league of cheaters and criminals. THE stories of the 2014 season were of domestic abuse and child abuse, and idiot players who sit in front of a camera making a fool of themselves as they refuse to even recite a serial number. While Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice and way too many others are criminals, even worse than that vick piece of scum, Marshawn Lynch is an idiot and a jerk, yet people fawn at his feet. While “deflategate” has further stirred the passions of reporters and misled fans, the real cheaters are not now, not ever mentioned. Remember, since taking over the squad, no

team has had more players suspended for use of illegal (and dangerous) performance enhancing drugs, than carroll's Seahawks. But the Patriots are the criminals for supposedly playing with balls so severely under inflated that not a single game official who consistently handled them throughout the game ever noticed or reported anything
questionable or worth investigation.

So, it’s business as usual, as hundreds of millions of dollars that could fight disease, build homeless shelters or feed the hungry are spent to further enrich the billionaires of the tax-exempt NFL. After the game, teams like the St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders will use Los Angeles as a tool, to continue to leverage local stadium deals, and the $40 million man, Roger Goodell, will remain secure in his job, as criminals and cheaters run the show.

Spring training starts in 18 days! Play Ball!

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