Corrupt NFL Is the REAL Bad Guy in Meaningless “Scandal”

First and foremost, what the hell is the big deal? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t BOTH team play with the same balls in that first half? And, didn’t the poor, victimized Indianapolis Colts play a significantly better and closer first half with those evil under-deflated balls than they did in the second half, with real, NFL-inflated balls? I mean, it was 17-7 at half time before the Colts were outscored, with regulation balls inflated to Rog Goodell’s favorite psi, 28 to ZERO in the second half. How could anyone say that the Colts suffered any possible consequences because of playing with balls that could aide their offense?

But the real scandals are what the NFL did leading up to the game, and during the game, not to mention the relative way that the league handles “cheaters”, real and imagined.

Reports from Jay Glazer, Dan Wetzel, and others, have made clear several things that should horrify any sports' fan, and throw the integrity of the NFL into the trash, where it has belonged for many years before hitting an all time low over the past season. Facts that have come out show that the league had received numerous reports of the Patriots
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using under-inflated balls long before the playoffs, but that Rog’s boys decided to sit still and keep their mouths shut. Why? Apparently, according to Wetzels’ report and others, in order to throw the Colts under the bus and set up a blatant sting operation against New England.

So, it would seem that the Patriots were set up, with the league specifically permitting the felonious balls to be used throughout the first half, then sending in the bomb, …, uh, “ball” squad, at halftime to seize the evidence and FORCE the teams to play with regulation balls in the second half. So, what did the Colts have to say about that? I don’t think they were consulted beforehand.

And so, as the Super Bowl approaches, the sports world is aghast with the phony deflategate “scandal”, while real cheating throughout the NFL is allowed to prosper, with the occasional wrist slap. What cheating you say? Why, the pervasive use of performance enhancing drugs, you know the steroids, the human growth hormones, and all the rest, the stuff that major league baseball has now considered serious, meting out year-long suspensions and depriving suspected players of Hall of Fame status. Meanwhile, in the NFL, Rog and his crew of ball-snatchers give out a four-game suspension, here and there, now and then, while roid-rage players prance on the faces, skulls and genitals of opposing

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players with reckless abandon, and they dance over their mangled bodies.

And, once again, how is this rewarded? Well, the Patriots face-off Sunday against the most penalized PED offender in the league, such as those penalties are. Since taking over the Seattle Seahawks, no team has had as
many players suspended for illegal PED use than uncle petey’s NFC Champion and defending Super Bows kings, the Seahawks, with their seven suspensions.

Under-inflated balls? That’s a crock. Start suspending players who have been found to have used PEDs for a full season and for life for a second offense, and then you can make a big deal out of not quite enough hot air.

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