$23 Million Only Buys the Lakers 16% Shooting

The vacationing millionaire showed up for work tonight, and the full-strength Lakers combined with Miami to put on one of the most horrid displays of supposedly “professional” basketball ever seen in the long and sometime dubious history of the NBA. In a game where the teams combined to shoot 36% on 62-of-170, including an utterly amazing 15% (six-of-39) on three point attempts, the Lakers missed their first 11 shots, and began the game trailing 18-0, and it never got much better. Fresh off a delicious batch of pina coladas enjoyed while counting his $23 million, Kobe took seven shots in the last two-and-one-half minutes of the game, making two of them to finish three-of-19 (16%) for the game, but he was not much worse than ronnie price who stopped shooting after going oh-for-four, or the former trojan horse thief nick young, who managed, somehow, to hit two of his 11 shot attempts. Joining the party were also Carlos Boozer at one-of-eight, and Wesley Johnson, who was three-of-13. All in all, a great evening for Byron Scott’s favorite players.

But, on the other hand, there were some good performances out there, but of course, those guys take the leftover spoils in Scott's system of rewarding his pet players. And I thought that would end when Mike D'Antoni left town.

Newbie Tarik Black had another outstanding game, with nine points and nine rebounds in 22 minutes on the court. Ryan Kelly is showing that he belongs, and he was a perfect three-of-three.
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Combine his shooting with Ed Davis’ six-of-seven, and take that away from the team totals, and the rest of the squad’s number drops from 31.5% down to an astoundingly bad 24%. Finally as to the guys who can actually play this game, yet again, the Lakers’ best point guard, now and tomorrow, Jordan Clarkson, did not see a single, solitary second of action.

All in all, it was a good win for the Heat, who came out ahead in a game in which they hit two-of-16 threes, where Chris Bosh played terrible (four-of-17) scoring only eight points, and where Dwyane Wade suffered yet another injury, scoring only four first-half points

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before sitting out the rest of the game. What is shocking is the reality that Miami, at 17-21, is pretty secure as a playoff team in the Eastern Conference, which has exactly one more team over .500 than the Western Conference's Southwest Division.

The Lakers play Cleveland Thursday, and it is an open question as to who may or may not be playing on either team. LeBron James returned
to action tonight, and scored 33 points in 37 minutes in his first action of 2015. Whether he’ll be able to recover in time and attempt to withstand the rigors of playing a second game this year remains to be seen. Chances are that the vacationing millionaire will find a new pile of uncounted cash around the house, have his man servant whip up a new batch of pina coladas, and stay home sipping and counting, rather than making the arduous, soreness-inducing trip to Staples Center to play in yet a second game in the same week.

Ah, the life of the filthy rich who are tall and can dribble.

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