Curt Schilling Says He Was Denied HOF Because of Politics

Curt Schilling had an erratic major league career that saw him pitch for five major league team, winning more than 20 games in three different seasons, but also compiling season records such as 2-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 8-9. He shined in the post-season, though, with an 11-2 won-lost record and 2.23 ERA, and appeared in four World Series, on the winning side with Arizona and twice in Boston. He has also been a rarity among professional athletes who generally refrain from making their political views known so as not to alienate any large group in order to be able to cash in on endorsements. Schilling has been an outspoken political pundit, even publicly discussing the possibility of running for office, and never refraining from expressing nor tempering his extreme right wing, reactionary views.

Now, having been snubbed by Hall of Fame voters, Schilling has stated that he believes he was denied entry because he is a republican. Appearing on the Dennis & Callahan radio show in Boston, Schilling criticized the vote that added John Smoltz to the HOF, saying, in effect, that he was deserving and that Smoltz was not, but that Smoltz got the vote based

on his long-term tenure with winning Atlanta Braves teams first, and secondly, because of politics:
“And I think the other big thing is that I think he’s a Democrat and so I know that, as a Republican, that there’s some people that really don’t like that.”
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Schilling went on to say that he believes that he would have received more votes had he been “more mainstream in his beliefs and less outspoken and controversial”.

Well, it is a bit more involved that all that, especially as to Schilling and his overwhelming lack of character as demonstrated by the deceitful reality of his politics.

First, as a political and economic conservative who has stated his beliefs in small government and limited protection and aid for the needy, when it came to his personal needs, it was a different story. When Schilling saw his company, 38 Studios, LLC, suffer severe financial difficulties, he and the business fled Massachusetts for Rhode Island, and a government bailout to the tune of $75 million in state provided financial aide. That was not enough to right the failing ship, as Schilling should well have known (or was it just his total and abject mismanagement?) and he and the business and his co-”conspirators” defaulted in their obligations to repay the state of Rhode Island. The state sued Schilling, 38 Studios, and more than a dozen of his cohorts, alleging in a 97-page complaint that Schilling et al had committed and conspired to commit “financial misconduct, neglect, and fraud to deceive officials about the company’s financial prospects”, breaking numerous state laws along the way. The suit further alleges that 38 Studios “knowingly received income from a racketeering activity”.

One of the other defendants in the lawsuit is Keith Stokes, who at the time of the bailout headed the state''s Economic Development Corporation. Allegations are that he was one of the co-conspirators in a massive deception that culminated with the state providing that tidy sum of $75 million to benefit Schilling, who does not believe in government
aid to the underprivileged, to the elderly, to the physically or mentally challenged, or to the unemployed. But if you’re a millionaire who needs $75 mil, open up those government coffers!

Oh, yea, and there is that other thing. Schilling is a nazi.

He owns one of the largest private collections of nazi memorabilia that is know to exist. His collection contains items such as full nazi WWII uniforms, luftwaffe items such as parachute jump suits, ss tank jackets, and much more.

The number one issue over Hall of Fame voting has been PED use and players with great to overwhelming stats being denied admission because of the clears facts of their usage, or in some cases little more than rumor or innuendo. Cheating by use of performance-enhancing drugs is a serious character flaw, but so are those flaws that should deny Schilling election to the HOF, and I do not mean his choice to be a republican.

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