Same Old Lying, Cheating Pete Carroll

In his years as co-Cappo of the clown college trojan brain surgeon criminal enterprise, pete carroll, forever to us “Uncle Petey”, had one over-riding trait, that transcended all others: His fervent belief that society’s rules did not apply to him, and that he could lie, cheat, and steal any time, any where, and the long arm of the law and of the NCAA could not touch him. His locker room and his sideline were second homes for every professions crook, con man, and crime boss in Southern California, and Uncle Petey welcomed them with open arms, and looked the other way as they showered his players with cash, gifts, free rent, and more. His co-conspirator, athletic director Mike Garrett, and their underling, basketball coach Timmy Floyd, knew that they had the most politically powerful legal entity in Los Angeles County backing them up, the usc legal department, whose brother lawyers dominated the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office and Los Angeles County Superior Court. Time and time again, trojans facing major crimes were either not

prosecuted or given slap-on-the-wrist suspended sentences for criminal activities that should have warranted state prison terms. Reggie Bush did things that should have seen a felony prosecution for fraud involving hundreds of thousands of dollars; Mark Sanchez, arrested for rape, had his victim suddenly no longer remember what had happened a day earlier and a District Attorney then see no evidence of a crime; and assistant coach Dave Watson,.. well

the worst of all was Dave Watson, and that is all described right here.

Then, when the long arm of the law ordered Uncle Petey to show up and testify under oath and when the NCAA was closing in, well then Uncle Petey took his act up north to Seattle for many millions of dollars. And there he has assembled another group of football players who think, picking up the act from their boss, that they are above the law. No NFL team, since Uncle Petey came to town, has had more drug suspensions than the Seahawks, and now, and here is today’s saga, they are the most penalized team around.

So, it seems that upon reflecting on the fact that his team, coming off their Super Bowl win, has been called for more penalties than their opponent in ten straight games, Uncle Petey has told the press that the reason is that referees are out to get them due to their success, just the way his trojan brain surgeons became the NCAA's most penalized team after their national championship season.


There are other explanations for increased penalties being called on title-winning teams, the most obvious one being simply greater scrutiny resulting in more typical, everyday penalties being called, rather than escaping the eye of the officials. But that’s not what has happened here, nor what previously happened at the clown college. Rather, it again was Uncle Petey’s ABOVE THE LAW belief system that was passed on to his players, in effect telling them that they just do not have to follow the rules, that they can and should ignore the rules, and commit whatever foul they deem necessary at the time, and screw the rules and screw the refs. And deceive the fans and take the money and run.

That’s the Pete Carroll way of life.

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