Nash Gone: Lakers Can Move On and Work on Their Future

In July of 2012, the Los Angeles Lakers completed a Sign-and-Trade deal with the Phoenix Suns that was to cause more disarray and havoc, and long-range damage, than could ever have been estimated by the Lakers’ brain trust who negotiated the deal. For the record, besides Nash’s $27 Million three-year contract, the additional ramifications were the following:

1. The Lakers sent to Phoenix their 2013 and 2015 first-round draft picks, AND their 2013 and 2014 second round draft picks. That is a significant amount of talent lost forever in such an ill-conceived trade;

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2. When Mike Brown was fired as the Lakers coach, the first choice, over the anticipated return of Phil Jackson, was and became, Mike D'Antoni, in large part due to the close relationship between D'Antoni and Nash, during their years together in Phoenix. The exciting, run-and-gun style D'Antoni was known for was never as successful or exciting as when it was run by Nash, and Lakers' execs sought to make this the next Lakers' era, in large part because they
knew owner Jerry Buss was dying, and they wanted to give him a last glimpse of the type of basketball that he most appreciated. A lot of credence must be given to the idea that without Nash, D’Antoni might never have been chosen to coach the Lakers, and that the head coach today might well be Phil Jackson;

3. Two seasons of disarray down, plus this pre-season, and perhaps that part is over. First D’Antoni and then Byron Scott named Nash the team’s starting point guard, ignoring the certainty that the 39, 40 and now 41-year-old Nash, fighting one injury after another, would seldom be able to play in actual games. In 2012-2013, he managed to appear in 50 games, and that figure dropped down to the grand total oaf 15 last season. Without Nash on the roster, someone else could have been named the starting point guard, and an actual rotation set up. With talented players coming and going due in large part to the uncertainly, the team struggled immensely for two season, plus this pre-season, never knowing who would be playing the game’s most vital position. Had things been different with Nash, maybe the Lakers would have more than the promising but erratic Jeremy Lin,

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rookie Jordan Clarkson, and hanger-on Ronnie Price at the spot now. Do the names Jordan Farmar, Steve Blake, Ramon Sessions, and Kendall Marshall mean anything?

With Nash now gone, forever (unless stupidity really reigns, and he is brought back a year from now, assuming he would ever again receive medical clearance to play), Lin and Clarkson can have an established rotation, and their best play
can be expected. Had Nash been breathing down Scott’s neck, neither Lin no Clarkson could EVER know that they actual role was, or whether or how much they would be playing from one game to the next.

Nash was a great player, a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer, but that was long before he ever put on a Lakers’ uniform. His Lakers’ career will be remembered for injuries, turmoil, and disarray, and a whole lot of losses. And that is a shame. Thank Jim Buss, Jerry Buss, and Mitch Kupchak for that.

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