Should the Dodgers Get to Count a Win Against Edwin Jackson?

After hiding out on the disabled list for a full month with a slight pain or a lame strain, or was it the Cubs just keeping him and his $13 Million dollar per year long term contract out of the public eye, the worst pitcher in baseball, Edwin Jackson, got the ball to start against the Dodgers in today’s game at Wrigley Field, and Jackson did not disappoint. Going into the game, Jackson had rewarded the Cubbies and their faith in him by winning six of his first 20 decisions this season, while compiling a 6.09 ERA. Hard to imagine it, but his ERA went up after the Dodgers’ batters were done with him. Jackson did not survive the first inning, allowing five runs, all earned, in two-thirds of an inning, raising his ERA to 6.38 and his WHIP to 1.65, amazingly higher even than that of Kevin Correia (1.61).

The highlight of the three hour, 31 minute batting practice session that the Dodgers held

this afternoon, that somehow does count in the season standings, was the emergence of A.J. Ellis, who, at the tail end of his worst offensive season ever, hit two, two-run home runs, and even more amazingly, NEITHER of them was off of Jackson, but rather both were hit off of a fine fellow by the name of Eric Jokisch, a 25-year-old lefty in his third major league appearance. Of course, it would have been pretty hard for Ellis to have homered off of Jackson, as he had been
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removed from the game before Ellis’ first at bat. Jokisch had allowed a single run in seven major league innings prior to today, but it was his misfortune to come up against the suddenly red-hot Ellis. A lifetime .256 hitter coming into this season, Ellis has also hit home runs in double figures in each of the last two season, but this year, before today, his average was an embarrassing .191, and he had hit a single homer in 260 at bats.

Ellis once before hit two home runs in a game, and that was also against the Cubs, but at home in LA, in August of 2012. At that time, Jackson was pitching for the Washington Nationals, and Jokisch was in Double-A. Ellis hit those two off of Jeff Samardzija and

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Manny Corpas, in a game pitched and won by the now seldom mentioned or thought of Chad Billingsley.

Though he was not sharp today as seven hits, three walks and three runs allowed in only five innings pitched attests, Clayton Kershaw did win his 20th game of the season, and having missed more than a month of the season with his Australian back injury, he did it in only his 26th
start of the season. Since the beginning of the “Expansion” era (not the “Modern” era mentioned a couple of days ago) no major league starter has done it any quicker, but he ties a half dozen other pitchers by doing it in 26. Three one time Dodgers’ starters are among the six, Don Drysdale, Pedro Martinez, and Bob Welch.

As I write this, the Giants are being two-hitted by Odrisamer Despaigne in San Diego, and are down 5-0 in the ninth inning. If the Padres hang on, the Dodgers’ lead over San Francisco would be 3-1/2 with eight left to play. Unfortunately, Edwin Jackson will not be pitching in any of those eight.

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