Time-Warner “Charity” Is An Insult To Dodgers’ Fans

So, the good folks at Time Warner Cable have decided to give away their billion-dollar product six times at the end of the 2014 baseball season. What a pile of crap and what an insult to the fans that have supported the Dodgers for 57 years.

After denying 70% of Dodgers fans access to the television coverage of Dodgers’ games for virtually the entire exciting, entertaining and volatile 2014 season, while they continue

their extortion tactics against other cable, satellite and fiber optic networks, Time Warner Cable is struggling to save face while still engineer a profit over the $8 Billion they owe the Dodgers for 25 years of broadcast rights. One must also remember that the Dodgers are far from an innocent party here, knowing full well the ramifications

of accepting such an exorbitantly high payment. As I wrote on July 27:

“…did the Dodgers not [realize]d that by accepting that outrageous sum that someone, somewhere, would have to pay into a bucket for the Dodgers to be able to open that spigot? Those people are the customers of Charter Cable, Cox Cable, DirectTV, Verizon FIOS, and all the rest, who will not absorb the cost of SportsNet LA but who will only add the service and Dodgers’ games to their systems by charging customers more, and that extra charge is determined by the fee that Time Warner Cable has set, a fee that no TV provider so far has accepted as reasonable.”

Time Warner Cable’s plan now is obvious – casual fans are now interested in the Dodgers as they look like they will be heading into the post season and with a real shot for the World Series. So, give away a late-season sample, and if the Dodgers continue to play exciting and winning baseball, that will influence more people to want to sign-up for their SportsNet LA for 2015. I guarantee that those free games will feature lots of Time Warner

LA Dodgers Snap-Up
Satin Jacket
commercials telling viewers to call their cable or satellite company and TELL THEM to add SportsNet LA to their system for 2015. 21st century brainwashing at its finest.

And, don't EVER forget that these are the same people that gave us the PAC-12 Network, with exclusive coverage of the vast majority of Pac-12 football and basketball games that are similarly UNAVAILABLE to that same 70% of Southern
California sports fans, and millions more in additional Pac-12 hotbeds in California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and even Arizona.

This charitable handout from Time Warner Cable is a pile of crap, and should never, ever be considered anything more that what it is, a marketing ploy by a mega corporation that realizes that it over-paid for a product and is now doing whatever it can to sell that product using more and more deceptive advertising.

An additional element in all this is the fact the Time Warner Cable could not make a deal with a Los Angeles County station. The station that will be carrying those six games – three against the Giants and the final three with Colorado, – is an Orange County station, and in fact that carries the games of Orange County’s number two sports franchise, the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks, who play their games at the Honda Center, barely more than a mile away and walking distance from the field that the Angels call home.

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