The Dodgers Dodged a Bullet By Not Giving Away the Farm for David Price

On July 31, the Tampa Bay Rays traded 29-year-old David Price to the Detroit Tigers in a deal that saw the Tigers send their regular center fielder of the last five seasons, 27-year-old Austin Jackson, to Seattle, and 25-year-old lefty starter Drew Smyly back to Tampa. In seven games since becoming a Tiger, Price is 2-3 with a 4.10 ERA. The Tigers are 19-18 since the trade. A week after the Price trade, the Dodgers sent two players to be named, which can be changed to a cash payment, to the Phillies, for 34-year-old Roberto “Fausto Carmona” Hernandez. Fausto has won two and lost two for the Dodgers since that trade, compiling a 4.61 ERA. Since that deal, the Dodgers have won 13 while losing 12. Hernandez is making $4.5 million, while Price is taking home $14 million.

As I’ve written repeatedly, I’ve never seen Price as the superstar he has been said by so many pundits to be. A year ago when trade rumors of him possibly coming to the Dodgers

began, I said I believed that his best years were behind him and that it would be a world-class blunder for the Dodgers to even consider trading any of their top three minor league prospects, let alone more than one, in a deal for Price, and I stand by that more strongly than ever. After getting clobbered today by the Giants, for the second time in his last three starts, Price is now 13-11 on the season, with an ERA of 3.33, the same ERA he had last year, when he won a total of 10 games, while
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losing eight. Over his last 19-2/3 innings, Price has given up 29 base hits and allowed 14 earned runs. Smyly, for what it is worth, has gone 3-1 for Tampa Bay, with an ERA of 1.73 and a microscopic WHIP of 0.72.

Price had two big years, 2010 and 2012, where he was a combined 39-11. For the rest of his career, he has won 45 while losing 39, with a 3.53 ERA. No one knows what Ned Colletti and the Dodgers were thinking and what might have happened if the Tigers did not make their trade with Tampa, but the Dodgers dodged a real bullet by not throwing away their

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future on Price, especially since they've done just as well with the bargain-basement Fausto, and now with the emergence of Carlos Frias.

Speaking of GMs, it was with mixed feelings that I saw that the Arizona Diamondbacks finally realized that they were employing a sociopathic incompetent as their
general manager, and fired the totally disgraced Kevin Towers. If this means that Tony La Russa will now be running the show in Arizona, then the Dodgers will soon have a second team in the National League West to contend with. The abysmal Diamondbacks have been one of baseball’s great jokes, but La Russa will undoubtedly remake the team into a contender, and he’ll likely do it pretty fast. The only real question is who will be managing the team when this happens? It is unlikely to be Kirk Gibson, but with his 70th birthday coming soon, could it possibly be La Russa himself?

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