ESPN: The “Real” university of southern California – a “Clown College”

John Ireland, Steve Mason, and other local LA commentators and reporters, most with a significant trojan brain surgeon bias or who just work for their local outlet, may say it’s all a bunch of bull, but ESPN sees it for what it is: usc, from the oj simpson scandal, to the criminal enterprise run by pete carroll and mike garrett including the cash payoffs made by tim floyd under their supervision, to the coaching merry-go-round of last season, to the josh shaw incident this week, and all that went on in between, is not just the “Clown College” they call it, but an embarrassment to the American university system and to that small segment of their alumni who did not sleep through four years for a bought-and-paid-for “diploma” that may have given then status, but not intelligence, ethics, or an actual education.

Additional trojan brain surgeon scandals have not gotten the headlines, but some of them are really worth mentioning:

  • Scott Schenter was an appraiser with the Los Angeles County Assessors office. He worked closely with his boss, elected County Assessor John Noguez, in a multi-million dollar scheme, accepting six-figure bribes to undervalue real estate for lower property
    tax assessments. Both Schenter and Noguez have spent months in jail, awaiting trial on dozens of felonies. Schenter, however, has chosen to talk about his escapades, giving lengthy interviews to the LA Times documenting not just the real estate scheme, but also as to how he made cash payoffs to football and
    basketball players to get them to call sc home. He also admitted providing an $80,000 Range Rover to former sc running back Joe McKnight.
  • usc’s legacy of anti-Semitism is well known (my aunt was the only Jew in her sc class back in the early 1930s) and though there was an end to the quota system that kept Jews and others deemed undesirable at the originally Methodist school far, far, away in the old days and Jews in recent decades have chosen, for whatever perverted reason, to enroll there, occasionally the ghosts of the past re-appear, such as the incident of 2000, when the UCLA marching band was on the sc campus for what was a yearly “Band
    The California Wine Club. A True California Wine Adventure!
    Bowl" football game between the two school bands. During the game, the UCLA instrument truck was broken in to and $30,000 worth of instruments stolen. Most were found the next day at an sc student housing complex, but some of the equipment had been defaced
    with anti-Semitic messages. If the political and legal clout of sc was ever questioned, look no further than this incident. Despite admissions from sc band personnel that they were the culprits, no criminal charges were ever brought.
  • Speaking of such, former brain surgeon and miserable NFL failure Mark Sanchez, still the only NFL quarterback ever arrested for sexual assault, had that same sc legal and political power get him released from custody the day after his arrest for rape when he was an sc freshman. Payoffs quickly ensued, and no charges were ever brought against him. Most likely, it was those same sc power brokers who told the LA District Attorney that his office was to drop their criminal investigation of reggie bush and to not pursue any charges against him. Had they known he would turn against his alma mater to protect his economic interest, sc and the Heisman Trophy be damned, they probably would have let him rot in jail.
  • One cannot refer to the sc marching band without mentioning ole Art Bartner’s scandal of a few years back, when the band police uncovered the fact that a significant number of those guys and gals marching around the field in band uniforms and holding instruments could not play a note if their lives depended on it. They were ringers who where there just to make it look like there were more than a piddly few actual musicians in the famed sc marching band.
  • And of course, there is the infamous, tragic Dave Watson incident.

There are plenty more, but, you get the idea.

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