Will the Real Fausto Carmona Please Show Up

In 2006, the Cleveland Indians pitching staff included a 23-year-old Dominican right handed pitcher by the name of Fausto Carmona. He was singularly unimpressive, compiling a 1-10 record with an ERA of 5.42. Mysteriously, the 2007 season saw Carmona become singularly impressive, starting 32 games while winning 19 against only 8 losses, with a 3.06 ERA. He reverted to the form of 2006 thereafter, and over the six full seasons and 2/3 of this once since, he has started 158 major league games, winning 45 and losing 72.

Two things make Carmona’s career interesting. First, is the fact that he has continued to be a regular major league starter with so little success, and second is the fact that he is not, after all, Fausto Carmona. It turns out that an enterprising and somewhat talented athlete,

with hopes of someday pitching in the major leagues, obtained a visa under the name Fausto Carmona, was then able to enter the United States, and then pitch, for six seasons, for the Indians.

In 2012, the pitcher's true identity, and age, became known, and he missed much of the baseball season because he could not re-enter the US due to his lack of a real, valid visa,
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and due to a suspension for his evil act of fraud on the world of baseball (not to mention the US government, and to the real Fautso.

Eventually, he was to re-appear in the majors, pitching just as bad as ever, and three years old but under his legal name, that of Roberto Hernandez.2013 saw him have a very typical year, compiling a 6-13 record and a 4.89 ERA, in the employ of a new team, the Tampa Bay Rays, on a one-year contract. 2014 saw Roberto again sign a one-year deal, this time

Shop Target.comwith the Phillies, and as of August 7, he was 6-8 with an ERA of 3.87, close to a full run less than his, and Fausto's, lifetime mark.

And then the best team money can buy found out that number five starter Josh Beckett, who had not pitched well since returning from the disabled list, was headed back there with a hip injury, quite
likely for the rest of the season, creating an increased and now significant need for an additional starter.

Having failed in attempts to acquire David Price, Cole Hamels, and who knows who else over the last few days, and in actuality, over the last several months, for whatever unknown reason the Dodgers yesterday turned their attention back to the Phillies, but this time not to Hamels, but rather to the later Mr. Carmona, aka Roberto Hernandez, and lo and behold, they were abel to snatch him up, for two players to be named later. Funny how few people have picked up on the irony of that.

Regardless, Hernandez is slated to start for the Dodgers tonight against Milwaukee.

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