Dodgers’ Outfield Logjam and Trade Talk Distracts From Second Half Start

The Dodgers may have the best record in the National League as the second half of the season begins, but, that is a bit illusory. In fact, while they are 54-43 overall, they are only 15-20 against teams with records over .500 and at 1-2 with the one team they have played that currently is right at .500, Cleveland. This is a pretty important point, as they begin the second half by playing 26 of their first 29 games against teams above .500.

After a slow start, the Dodgers came on strong to roar past the Giants, who had looked like the NL West’s team to beat over the season’s first two months. Despite their league’s best record, LA is only a single game ahead of San Francisco, and while the Dodgers begin

second half play against the red-hot Cardinals in St. Louis, the Giants begin with the slumping Miami Marlins, who ended the first half on a four-game losing streak and having dropped out of early-season contention.

Meanwhile the Dodgers' outfield logjam is again inciting fire, as former Dodgers' pitcher and now Matt Kemp's agent, Dave Stewart, has again made news about the outfielders' lack of full time employment in center field. Kemp originally lost his
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regular job in center, and then became the ever-day left fielder with Carl Crawford’s most recent injury. Center is now the province of Andre Ethier and Scott Van Slyke, with Joc Pederson looming larger with each passing day. And, as Crawford is again healthy, at least for now, his presence is cutting into Kemp’s at bats.

So, now, Kemp is reported to be willing to accept a trade away from LA, for the promise of every-day, every inning play, in his favorite spot, center field. While trade rumors still abound about the Dodgers’ seeking even more pitching, the name Kemp is not the first one considered as the bait to reel in a David Price, or even a Cole Hamels. Neither Ethier nor

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Van Slyke is the permanent answer in center for LA, and Pederson figures to be there every day by 2015, and Corey Seager figures to be playing everyday at third, or possibly shortstop, in 2016. Neither of these guys, nor 17-year-old Julio Urias, he of the 100+ MPH fastball, absolutely, positively have to be untouchables, unavailable in any deal for Price or any other player
short of Mike Trout.

Tampa will not take Kemp as the centerpiece in a deal for Price, but perhaps the Phillies would make a Hamels deal for Kemp. But, I still feel strongly that 1) The Dodgers cannot give away the store for Price when that is not in any way, shape or form, a pressing need, and 2) Kemp still has another 200 home runs and 600-700 RBI left in his bat, and all that should be for the benefit of the Dodgers.

Too bad the team doesn’t have a real manager who can obtain the maximum benefit from the team’s deep and talented roster.

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