The 2014 All-Star Game: LA Wins and Loses

Well, the 2014 All-Star game is history, and hopefully Los Angeles partisans won’t have to put up with too much more of the yankee love-fest for their retiring shortstop. The idea of millionaire stars parading around the county for a full season, soliciting adulation and excessive gifts, rather than going quietly off into the sunset, is nauseating. The greatest of stars used to play a final season, then announce they are done, not say “I’ll play one more year if you mortgage your house to buy me gifts and kiss my feet!”

Anyway, the star of the game was Mike Trout, who at 22 has convinced much of the

baseball world that he is already today the best in the game. A year ago, the "experts" were saying he's good, but so is Bryce Harper, so is Manny Machado, and then along came Puig! And, Miguel Cabrera is still the best hitter in the game.

Harper, hitting .244 THIS season, stayed home, as did Machado, hitting .270, while Trout was the game's MVP. Puig was there, and he gave one of the worst ever displays in
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the Home Run Derby, and followed that up by striking out three times in three at bats during the game itself.

Cardinals and National League All-Star manager Mike Matheny chose his guy, Adam Wainwright, to start the game, over the best pitcher in the game Clayton Kershaw, and Wainwright lost the game and home field advantage in the World Series for the NL, by giving up three runs in his one inning pitched. Kershaw pitched a scoreless inning, as did Dodgers’ ace number two, Zack Greinke. The Dodgers were the only term to have two starting pitchers appear in the game. But, that shouldn’t affect the team or get them off to

a bad start in the second half, should it, especially with that extra Thursday day off? Oh, wait a second, Dan Haren, at 4.23, the only Dodgers' regular starter with an ERA above 3.44 (and only one of two above 2.75) is starting the opening game of the second half. And just who do the Dodgers start the second half against? Why Matheny's
Cardinals, that’s who!

So, just which Dodgers’ player will Wainwright give “a couple pipe shots”, as he said he gave to Jeter?

On a final All-Star note, ESPN’s Jim Caple rated the performance of all 61 players who entered the game, and Puig escaped having the worst performance of all only because of Caple’s disgust with Nelson Cruz being voted onto the team by the fans. As we all recall, Cruz was suspended for a third of last season due to illegal PED use, yet the fans gave him a million-vote win over David Ortiz for the Designated Hitter spot. Caple says that a player should be ineligible for the All-Star game the season following a PED suspension. Hard to argue with that.

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One Response to The 2014 All-Star Game: LA Wins and Loses

  1. DODGER FAN says:

    Yep, Matheny’s plan worked well…
    The Dodgers dropped the first 2 vs the Cardinals after the break and barely escaped the 3rd game… no worries though, it’s hard to image the Dodgers don’t take the West by at least 5 games over the Giants which will likely set them up vs the Cards in the NLCS… this could be their year!

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