Clippers Fill Biggest Need in Big Way

A few days after signing Specer Hawes, at which time I wrote then the teams’ biggest remaining need was a solid back-up point guard, the Clippers have made another great move in signing Jordan Farmar to a two-year deal. The now twice former Laker who reports were wanted to stay where he was, was the victim of that team’s pipe dream pursuit of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, and they ignored Farmar and let him slip away, to the Clippers’ great pleasure.

Farmar replaces another former Bruin, Darren Collison, who had followed him as the Bruins’ starting point guard a few years back. They played together for one memorabl

season, 2006, in which they lost the National Championship game to Florida.

Farmar, who left the NBA two years ago for a season in Turkey, returned last year, and played extremely well for the Lakers, despite a series of injuries that kept him out of action for a total of 41 games. Playing only 22.2 minutes per game, he averaged 10.1 points, 4.9 assist and 2.5 rebounds per game, while
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shooting 43.8% on threes.

In a week that saw Collison and 2013-4 short-timer Danny Granger sign elsewhere, the Clippers came out way ahead with Hawes and Farmar.

In the ongoing saga of the Days of Donald and Shelly, Donald’s crack legal team tried to engineer what could have been a significant delay in the trial that was to have started today and which was to determine his mental competency and thus Mrs. S’s right to take control of the franchise and sell the team. Only a short delay was the result, as the motion to remove the case to federal court was denied, and the trial commenced in the afternoon.

What a conundrum for Donald, having to establish that he had all his faculties when he said all those outrageous things.

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