Lakers Going All Out in Pursuit of Anthony

As NBA billionaire owners offer obscene piles of riches to over-rated free agent players, the LA Lakers are making an unprecedented effort to land Carmelo Anthony. They meet today, and the team has enlisted not just one of the organizations most popular public faces who generally is involved only in the business and not the talent portions of the organization, team exec Jeanie Buss, but also the on-court face of the team, Kobe Bryant.

Bryant returned to the US last night from Europe, cutting into a vacation that he will presumably resume afterwards. The erstwhile team “Pres”, the future Mrs. New York

Knick Phil, has no recorded history of such high level direct recruiting, at least that the local press has reported. I have to wonder is this purely a Laker activity, or does it have something to do with Phil and signing Anthony our from under New York?

So the Lakers made more money last year that any other NBA team, upwards of $150 million before the luxury tax cut into it a bit, and the purse strings are open wide to lure 'Melo west, with the
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hopes that that will also induce LeBron James to take an even bigger chuck of Jerry Buss’s estate.

Anthony would make the Lakers a better team and a more exciting team, but under no stretch of the imagination a championship caliber term, unless James joins him in the purple and gold. This type of outrageous spending rarely works, and only when a

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significant portion of is spread out to create a team that can go a least nine or ten deep. A core of three major "stars" and a bundle of journeymen and wannabees seldom works.

This was never more evident than this past season when on one hand, the Lakers assembled a large group of talented yet unproven low-priced players, but at times injuries were so pervasive that the team struggled to find five healthy bodies to put on the court at one time, and on the other hand, San Antonio, with a deep rooster and talented
players at all positions, upset the trio of overpaid superstars and their otherwise sub-par teammates, to win the NBA title.

I was a big fan of Anthony when he was in college, but have been immensely disappointed with his pro career, and the one-dimensional egotistical player he has become. That could change, maybe, in the proper environment, but could that environment ever exist (again) on the Lakers?

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