Commissioner Goodell, Stop Trump NOW!

The NBA has been thrown asunder by the dissemination of repeated instances of racist words and conduct on the part of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Commission Adam Silver acted quickly, imposing the largest fine possible, banning Sterling from the league for life, and forcing the sale of his team. Now, a person of similar economic status who has a similar record of long-standing egregious racist conduct is apparently about to step in to purchase an NFL franchise.

Commissioner Roger Goodell, do the right thing and tell donald trump that he is not welcome into the NFL community and that he will NOT be allowed to buy the Buffalo Bills franchise!

Like Sterling, Trump is primarily engaged in not just the world of real estate, but in the area of residential housing, and just like Sterling, he has been sued by the United States Department of Justice for repeated, egregious acts of discrimination in housing. In the very first suit brought by the United States against Trump, that dates back to the Nixon administration,
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it was alleged that Trump “…refused to rent or negotiate rentals ‘because of race and color.’ It also charged that the company had required different rental terms and conditions because of race and that it had misrepresented to blacks that apartments were not available.”

Did Trump deny these allegations, as Donald Sterling did? No, he settled the case, agreeing to having his rental practices monitored by the Urban League, who would be

providing qualified African-American renters for his vacancies. But, did that end Trump's racist housing practices? Hell, No!

A few years later, the federal government again pursued legal remedies against Trump, for his blatant failures to
comply with the terms of the earlier settlement. Alleging that he had

“discriminated against blacks in the terms and conditions of rentals, made statements indicating discrimination based on race and told blacks that apartments were not available for inspection and rental when, in fact, they are,…”

As sad and disgusting as all this was, the worst was yet to come: Enter the campaigns for President of Barack Obama.

While he did not start the birther movement, Trump has been its most well known and pervasive spokesperson, still to this day denying the legitimacy of the presidency of Obama, for the single reason of his race. Contriving one outrageous, convoluted lie after another, Trump still alleges that the President was not born in the state of Hawaii, but that rather his birth certificate is a forgery, and a scheme was concocted more than fifty years

ago to create a phony record of his birth, which he says occurred in Kenya.

While not involving his racism, Trump has also been sued for a wide-spread fraudulent scheme to steal money and hope from a large number of students seeking to learn his business secrets. New York Attorney General Eric

Schneiderman last year filed a lawsuit against Trump and his Trump University, seeking $40 million in damages, alleging intentional misrepresentation and other fraudulent practices in both enticing students to enroll and pay exorbitant fees and in failing to actually teach any of the promised curriculum. Many details of that litigation can be found in “donald trump exposed – Again”.

Now, the Buffalo News has reported that Bills’ financial records have been provided to potential buyers, including trump, as have application forms. Mr. Goodell, you’ve seen what the NBA has been going through dealing with Sterling, and you should be well-aware of the history of racism that permeated the Washington Redskins’s franchise from its inception until the 1969 death of its founder and single-minded leader, George Preston Marshall, who would not allow an African-American player on his team until threatened with the loss of his government-owned stadium by Attorney General Robert Kennedy in 1962.

The NFL does not need, and its players would not want, racist donald trump as a team owner.

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