Amazing Similarity Between AL and NL Standings

As the baseball season races towards the half-way point, an amazing similarity in the standings between the National League and the American League exists: In each league, the three top teams are the division leaders in the Central, in the West, and the number two team in the West.

In the National League, the Milwaukee Brewers in the Central got off to a fast start and buoyed by significantly improved pitching, have not been headed, and still maintain the biggest lead of any division leader. However, the equally improved Giants of the West, also relying on impressive pitching, are barely a step back, with the league’s number two record. The Dodgers, however, continue to close in, and are gaining on San Francisco, and

Milwaukee. As East Division leaders Washington, Atlanta, and Miami all continue to falter, the big three from the NL's West and Central are clearly the league's best three teams, as of now. Only St. Louis is also playing well at the moment, but they have not gained on the Brewers' lead.

Were I to pick one other NL team that could make a move and challenge for one of the best records in the league, it would be the Pirates.
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They had a horrendous start to the season coming off their impressive 2013 year, are playing much better ball now, and they will go, as can be said for so many other teams, as far as their pitching will take them.

In the American League, the lowly East is by far the worst division, though not as bad as the East of the NL. As in the NL, the AL East has no serious contender for the league’s best

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team, though Toronto appears to be the division's best, with only Baltimore appearing to have enough to challenge them as the season wears on. In the Central, Detroit has clearly been the best of the bunch, and they maintain the league's second best record, with only the upstart Royals also on the good side of .500.

In the West, the two top teams are, as in the NL, two of the league's three best, with the Oakland A's possessing the top mark in the AL, and the second place Angels the third
best. As in the NL West, that now number two team got off to a disappointing start but has made up for lost time, and looks and smells like a legitimate contender. In the AL West, again, like the story always seems to be, it’s the pitching: Despite coming into the season with serious injures to it starting staff, its Oakland’s pitching that has propelled it to the leagues best record, and it is significantly improved starting pitching that has given the Angel new life in 2014, though serious bullpen woes could derail their momentum and their season.

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