The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

In a few hours, the San Antonio Spurs will become NBA Champs, as the winner of tonight’s fifth Finals’ game is a foregone conclusion. Sure, LeBron is LeBron, but is Dwyane really Dwyane and is Bosh still the old Bosh? And what about those other starters? Mario Chalmers has never been a consistent player but has been the weakest link on the starting five. However, that distinction now goes to Rashard Lewis, who was rescued from the trash heap, given a starter’s spot, had a couple of decent games, and now can be counted on to take up space, and little more.

While Miami doesn’t even have five quality starters, and their bench is nothing after Allen and Anderson, the Spurs go at least nine deep, and in Manu Ginobili have a legitimate

star sixth starter coming off the bench. The Heat can "count" on not much more than a couple of other guys apparently on their last legs in Udonis Haslem and Shane Battier, and a couple of never were's and never-will-be's, in Norris Cole and Toney Douglass. James Jones did have the game of his life for three minutes on Thursday, but don't count on a repeat anytime soon.

The only matters left to be decided tonight are
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whether or not Kawhi Leonard can have another great game and steal the MVP trophy from Tim Duncan, who might well be playing his final NBA game. In an unusual timing agreement, Duncan has only until June 24 to notify the Spurs whether or not he will exercise his 2014-2015 option to return for his 18th season, which would not be completed

until after his 39th birthday. the Spurs are also holding their breadth about the return of Gregg Popovich, but his exist is much less likely,and of course he can be counted on to return if Duncan comes back.

As for Miami, even if the core of stars all returns, they have a lot of work to do, as rumors of Carmelo Anthony continue to spew through the air. However, another star ball-hog is NOT the fix the Heat need. They need role players who are complementary to the star ball-hogs they have. Adding yet another one of "those guys" to the mix would be a mistake.
A sixth man like Ginobili who provides unselfish energy, strong defense, and points, is what they really need. And don’t say they have that in Ray Allen – Allen is a one-dimensional gunner who does nothing more than throw up every ball that comes his way, and gets 35%, or 40% on a good day, to go in.

Enjoy tonight’s game, it could be the last game together for players, and coaches, in both San Antonio and Miami.

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