Absurd Donald Sterling Saga Takes Yet Another Turn for the Weird

Every aspect of the 2014 saga of Clippers “Owner” Donald Sterling has been, to say the least, bizarre. The world is well aware of V. Stiviano and her face visors, not to mention the other-worldly relationship Sterling has had with her, and of course his repeated, gleeful excursions into the public arena, seemingly done for the sole purpose of jamming his foot further and further down his throat.

But there are a few things that have been going on that have not gotten quite the publicity, but that warrant considerably more attention from the public, from Clippers‘ fandom, and most importantly, from the NBA.

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First is the fact that come July 7, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge will begin a four-day trial, convening for the purposes of determining whether or not Sterling is mentally competent, and if so, whether Mrs. Sterling then had the right to negotiate the sale of the team out from under him. At the heart of these issues is a medical finding from one Meril S. Platzer, M.D, stating the Sterling "is suffering from cognitive impairment secondary to primary dementia Alzheimer's disease, and thus "is substantially
unable to manage his finances and resist fraud and undue influence and is no longer competent to act as trustee of his trust.”

If the judge accepts those medical opinions, then the missus had that right and duty to relieve Donald from his seat of power and sell the team for that tidy $2 billion sum. If not, the the sale is void, and, well, expect airline seats to sell out fast as Clippers’ players flee the jurisdiction with reckless abandon.

But that narrative pales in comparison to the one about Donald spying on the rest of the basketball world. Donald Sterling, spying? Irony knows no bounds. Anyway, as one should recall, the NBA's rapid response to the initial racist rantings from Mr. Sterling was that the league would not tolerate such conduct from an owner, and that the league

Constitution – a secret document until them – gave the league the right to force him out of their billionaires’ club. For anyone who has watched billionaire sports team owners over the years, they are an eclectic group of spoiled rich guys, who, for the most part, flaunt their wealth and make their own rules as they go along. They have, over the years, included convicted felons like the dead steinbrenner, out-of check gambling addicts like Leonard Tose and Jerry Buss, druggies like Jim Irsay, and slews of outright bigots, like George Preston Marshall, and current Kings‘ owner and minority Lakers’ owner, Philip Anschutz*.

So, it would appear, based on most recent news reports, that Sterling is fighting fire with

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fire, and has assembled a team of private detectives who have been tasked with the job of finding the dirt on other owners, administrators, and probably the cleaning crew, in order to show that there is far worse going on in the hallowed halls of the NBA. We don't know yet if his purpose is to argue on a legal basis that the league is itself discriminating against him by taking his team away while others, committing
worse transgressions, go unpunished, or whether he is merely seeking to reveal and embarrass, as Miss V. did to him.

The current NBA Finals, the coming college draft, and even next fall’s new season, all are taking, and seemingly will continue to take, a back seat to the the real-life drama of the “Days of Our Sterling”.

*Why, you ask, has the world come down on Sterling, and not on fellow bigot Anschutz? Well, because while Sterling’s bigotry has been directed at racial minorities, Anschutz’ is, rather, focused against LGBT minorities, and interestingly enough, while Sterling has done little more than talk, Anschutz has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on elections across the country on efforts to deny the objects of his hate equal rights and due process under the law.

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